Ember.js / my favorite

Ember.js / my favorite

Ember aims to provide a full solution in an opinionated way.

Game On: Backbone vs Ember

http://emberjs.com/ :: Ember.js - About http://code418.com/ember.js-dashboard/ :: Ember.js Dashboard Minimalistic starting point for Ember.js - jsFiddle Getting Started With EmberJS - andy matthews

While you're not forced to use Handlebars, it's the only way to get some of the compelling features the framework provides (eg. for two-way data binding).
Ember supports any templating language you'd like. you just don't get auto-updating.

Formerly known as AmberJS – formerly known as SprouteCore 2 (http://sproutcore.com/ :: SproutCore)
http://smus.com/backbone-and-ember/ :: Backbone and Ember | Boris Smus

Backbone by itself is not sufficient for building complex web apps. http://lostechies.com/derickbailey/2012/02/21/emberjs-initial-impressions-compared-to-backbone/ :: EmberJS: Initial Impressions (Compared To Backbone) | ThoughtStream.new :derick_bailey http://ngauthier.com/2012/02/playing-with-ember.html :: Playing with Ember.js

Handlebars templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes. Why Handlebars? – SproutCore

Techniques and design fundamentals required to create modern, 'lick-able' web applications:
    http://petelepage.com/webapp-codelab/ :: Web App Code Lab

Is it possible to destruct/avoid?
    Ember.js has a very strong object model, and it’s a near paradise of object-oriented programming in JavaScript.
    http://techiferous.com/2012/05/experimenting-with-the-architecture-of-ember-js/ :: Experimenting with the Architecture of Ember.js | techiferous

Cons: File Size. Backbone has the added advantage of it’s total size and simplicity in source code. Documentation: community around Backbone has stepped up and offered a variety of sample apps to show different ideas. http://codebrief.com/2012/03/eight-ember-dot-js-gotchas-with-workarounds/ :: Eight Ember.js Gotchas With Workarounds - CodeBrief Speed? http://jsfiddle.net/jashkenas/CGSd5/ :: Backbone Events vs. Ember Bindings: A Benchmark - jsFiddle http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2012/08/01/rich-javascript-applications-the-seven-frameworks-throne-of-js-2012/#comment-23507 :: Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012) - Steve Sanderson’s blog - As seen on YouTube™

Nettuts+ series: Getting Into Ember.js | Getting into Ember.js: The Next Steps | Nettuts+ Getting Into Ember.js: Part 3 | Nettuts+ Getting Into Ember: Part 4 | Nettuts+

Ember Authentication

Best way to enforce user/authentication state in Ember.JS app - Stack Overflow

ruby on rails - Handling user authentication when using ember.js - Stack Overflow

ember-auth is an authentication framework for ember.js heartsentwined/ember-auth · GitHub heartsentwined/ember-auth-rails-demo · GitHub

joscas/base_app · GitHub BaseApp

Basic Auth manager for Ember

Ember.js Initializers - nerdyworm

Animation effects

Ember Animated Outlet Ember Animated Outlet Demo Simpler Demo

Ember Data

The Ember Data adapter layer, which is responsible for finding and saving records, is currently designed to make it easy to build reusable adapters

REST Adapter is included.

Learning resources: Book Ember.js-in-Action-Source Ember Data in Depth

Local Storage Adapter for Ember Data: Hot Embers? First Take at Ember.js Ember Data Local Storage Adapter

Other adapters: CouchDBAdapter for ember data Ember Data Adapter for Parse.com Ember Data Adapter for elasticsearch Ember Data and MongoDB

Or Ember without Ember Data?

Hints to solutions: Bootstrapping app with data - Ember.JS Ember Data Contacts Application

Alternative soltions: charlieridley/emu · GitHub ebryn/ember-model · GitHub

Solution was: Application does not have a ‘Store’ property defined · Issue #2275 · emberjs/ember.js

YUIDoc Comments

All inline documentation.

YUIDoc - Javascript Documentation Tool How to Document Your Code

Chat problem

json - Populating ember-data table from WebSocket - Stack Overflow

app/ - the container for all js and templates related to this Ember app app/app.js - declaration of a global App object that extends Ember.Application app/models/ - model classes that represent resources app/controllers/ - controllers that manage resources and are bound to views

app/views/ - view classes, organized in subfolders app/templates/ - handlebars templates, organized in subfolders to match views app/helpers/ - handlebars helpers vendor/ - vendored libraries like ember.js and ember-rest.js lib/ - general customizations to Ember

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