Smart Speakers: Speech Synthesis and Voice Commands

Smart Speakers: Speech Synthesis and Voice Commands

Contributing to Rhasspy

The repository we are working on is home-assistant/intents. The majority of the modifications are made in the folder intents/sentences/sr and then, we need to also create tests for it in the folder intents/tests/sr

Text-To-Speech Synthesis (TTS)

Generating speech in Home Assistant:

  service: tts.google_say
  entity_id: media_player.bathroom_home_mini
    message: "Dear God, you just pressed the round button!"

Example TTS in configuration.yaml

  - platform: google_cloud
    key_file: googlecloud.json
    language: sr-RS
    gender: female
    voice: sr-rs-Standard-A

How to notify using TTS in Home Assistant.

List of all TTS services: Integrations

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