Plugins: Organize Content

Plugins: Organize Content

I am here exploring all the plugins that are used for reordering posts or pages or for changing the position in the tree for hierarchical entities such as pages, for example.

Although this is rarely needed, there are also add-ons for manipulating taxonomies, so I will mention them as well if I come across any.

Ordering Content

Intuitive Custom Post Order

Nesting Pages

Nested Pages

Ordering Taxonomies

Custom Taxonomy Order

Custom ordering

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Simplest plugin for custom post order: Real Custom Post Order for WordPress

Wicked Folders

It turns out that the Wicked Folders plugin is a real gem, not for organizing media, but for organizing content.

“Dynamic Folders” feature is amazing, allowing you to view posts in a tree-like structure, grouped by month, author and also by standard post categories. It doesn’t seem to work with tags, as they are not a hierarchical taxonomy. It can be enabled both for pages and posts as well as any other custom post type. Dynamic folders are created on the fly.

When it comes to pages, since they can be nested and have parent pages, there is a phenomenal “Page Hierarchy” display that nicely shows that nested page structure.

Technically, the plugin is perfectly executed.

In the free version, practically the only restriction is that it doesn’t work with the Media Library, which is actually a huge restriction. The paid version is too expensive for me, but even in the free version I think this plugin is an excellent addition for content organization.

Many authors seem to have liked what the Wicked Folders plugin does, so they have presented their own plugins:

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