Plugin: The SEO Framework

Plugin: The SEO Framework

Simple, straightforward, bloat-free and fast on the backend also.

Using Yoast variables in The SEO Framework

SEO Titles Problem Yoast plugin has “dynamic tags” aka “meta tag variables” aka “snippet variables” that can be used inside Titles Tags and Meta Descriptions for better SEO. If you want similar functionality inside The SEO Framework (TSF) you can implement it by yourself easily

Yoast variables:

Solution: or

Author is strongly against it and he won’t implement it - read here:

Best article about using TSF so far: Using The SEO Framework Plugin

Multilanguage sitemaps in The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework sitemap xml only showes main language · Issue #481 · sybrew/the-seo-framework

You can submit multiple sitemaps to search engine networks via their webmaster tools. The single-language-based model is intentional. If you want mixed languages in one sitemap file, you must annotate them as such.

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