Server Benchmarking Tools

Server Benchmarking Tools

h2load - HTTP/2 benchmarking tool

weighttp - lighty labs How to install weighttp in Ubuntu? | SkyRocknRoll ’s Blog

Load Testing with Apache JMeter

Measuring Web Application Performance A comperhensive list of open source performance test tools. List of load and performance test tools This interesting tool lets you record browsing actions, and then simulate and repeat them. HTTP Test Tool

Apache JMeter


Siege for Apache

Siege is stress test and benchmark utility. It can stress a single URL with a user defined number of simulated users or it can read many URLs into memory and stress them simultaneously. The script is still very actively developed.

It looks like apachebench over-reports responsiveness when serving static HTML or minimal PHP scripts. The Siege is more accurate in reporting static HTML and PHP responsiveness. In all technicality they are the same, Siege just doesn’t require apache-tools.

yum -y install siege



A tool for measuring web server performance.


Apache Flood


Optimize PHP code for speed How to code PHP to be faster - PHP functions compared by speed.


Web Test Tools

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