Plugins: AVIF Image Support

Plugins: AVIF Image Support

AVIF on PHP Server

Ako želiš da kreiraš AVIF odnosno da konvertuješ u i iz AVIF formata, na serveru je neophodno da imaš ili GD Library ili ImageMagick PHP module. PHP: Image Processing and Generation - Manual

GD library is mostly installed by default but it doesn’t support AVIF manipulation in PHP 7.4

apt install php{7.4,8.1,8.2}-gd

if you want AVIF manipulation, this is suggested as it even works for PHP 7.4

apt install php{7.4,8.1,8.2}-imagick

Inače, ako hoćeš baš brz library, najbrži je GitHub - libvips/libvips: A fast image processing library with low memory needs. koji takođe podržava i SVG i WebP i AVIF. Za integraciju vidi GitHub - libvips/php-vips: php binding for libvips

AVIF Image File Format

Focus on WebP as AVIF is mostly NOT supported on mobile

It is available in PHP 8.X

How to Use AVIF: The New Next-Gen Image Compression Format — Lightspeed

AVIF has landed -

  • Modern Images WP | adamsilverstein/wordpress-modern-images to set default image format used for sub-sized images generated by WordPress. On obezbećuje da su pravilni tagovi u HTML-u, ali i obezbeđuje da se slike naprave - dakle radi sve kako treba. Sama konverzija se radi standardnim PHP toolovima (GD, ImageMagick itd). Čak je I AVIF podržan u novom PHP-u.

Avif Express

AVIF Support pregledao sam i vrlo je ok kodirano.

The plugin Imghaste is fascinating for its implementation of modern image formats, including AVIF and WebP. To ensure compatibility with caching plugins, plugin utilizes a Service Worker to intercept and serve images that are supported by the client. This allows for seamless integration with images in CSS files and those requested via Ajax. Overall, Imghaste is a highly intriguing plugin that warrants further analysis.

There is PHP support now to confirm with phpinfo() or php -i | grep AVIF. GD: AVIF image support - PHP 8.1 • PHP.Watch

Maximally optimizing image loading for the web AVIF and WebP encoding quality settings

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