Plugins: Miscellaneous

Plugins: Miscellaneous

Plugins: Screenshots

Using Worpress mShots service: WP Screenshot Browser Shots

or I could use something like wkhtmltopdf. or PhantomJS

Taking website screenshots using PhantomJS | codediesel

Taking screenshots of websites in PHP

Open Source Projects: CutyCapt - A Qt WebKit Web Page Rendering Capture Utility

jonnnnyw/php-phantomjs wkhtmltopdf

Plugins: Post Expiring

These plugins allow us to set expiration date to posts.

We were using Post Expirator but I will switch to Post Expiring as it is 10 times smaller!

Post Expiring was the best written and most simple. Problem was there was no easy way of selecting all the expired posts. This is why I selected VA Simple Expires as it is almost similary small, but it marks posts in special group called Ended, on pair with Drafts, Private, etc.

Very advanced but very big

Note: Our old plugin Post Expirator was HUGE problem as it was slowing down almost half of the Wordpress admin area. Also, heardtbeat was on almost every 5 seconds. Don’t know why.

Plugin: Cron jobs management?

Important - WordPress Cron is depended on the User. WP Cron fires only on the page visit so it can be inaccurate.

Simply the best is WP Crontrol as it managed to remove my cron jobs and an UI is nice and as expected.

There is interesting plugin WP-Cron Control for specific task - forcing a cron exection when calling specific URL with secret hash.

Plugins: Content filtering

We need a way to filter imported posts based on some criteria - keywords in article.

Plugin Post Filter can only confuse a user. As it is triggered only on action publish_post, I think that really it is never executed on imported posts. This is why I disabled it for now.

Well, no - it is working correctly. I still don’t like it.

Slack notifications

Winner: Dorzki’s plugin

  • Slack Notifications dorzki is very small and efficient. Not extendable, but working as expected.

    Notes: when post is updated,

  • Slack is very ambitious but not maintained well. As seen on gedex/wp-slack, last update was 2 years ago.

    It supports unlimited events via custom hooks. There are also couple of free extensions, like this one for WooCommerce

  • WP Toolbox also has some basic support for Slack notifications.

And that’s about it.

Improve taxonomy management

Source: 20 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Category and Tags - Hongkiat

Improve Combo Box input in Admin

Libraries to improve Select Box with JS

It all started with Chosen. List alternatives in order of quality.

Plugins: Various Page Lists


I had to fork a plugin to add more filters to it.

Page-list - simple and no need to look for more CC Child Pages Subpages Extended

List Pages Shortcode List Child Pages Shortcode

Advanced Sidebar Menu WP Child Pages Child Pages Shortcode

Advanced (Grid)

9 Best WordPress Grid Plugins 2020 - aThemes

Populate menu with subpages

Interesting: Custom Post Type Auto Menu

Add Descendants As Submenu Items (guy died)

Plugins: Related pages (must support pages) / relations

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) Related Similar Posts – Best Related Posts Plugin for WordPress Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress CP Related Posts

Plugins: Relations between entities

It’s perfect for quick development, and more.

ACF Relationship field is amazing for this

Custom Post Types Relationships (CPTR) – WordPress plugin |

Plugins: Multiple featured images

Dynamic Featured Image / (dynamic) - has to much ads Simple Multiple Featured Images (dynamic, not working?) Multiple Post Thumbnails (fixed) / How to Add Multiple Post Thumbnails / Featured Images in WordPress Multiple Featured Images

Plugins: Development Helpers

Plugins: File Managers

These plugins are not Media Managers, only File Managers

  • Filester is from the Ninja Team company which buys plugins one after another and throws them in the trash while monetizing others. The plugin is really ugly and old-school and I couldn’t even look at it anymore. In this form, feel free to forget about it.

  • Bit File Manager plugin has an unattractive and outdated user interface.

  • File Manager – WordPress plugin |

Plugins categorized as file manager |

Simple Calendar for Google od Japanskog minimaliste

Infinite All Images je shortcode koji prikazuje gomilu slika kao desandro/Masonry koristeći metafizzy/infinite-scroll, autora Japanskog minimaliste

Zavisno od browsera, odnosno user agent, prikaži različite teme sa pluginom UserAgent Themes Switcher odnosno različiti sadržaj uz pomoć plugina UserAgent Content Switcher, oba napisao Japanskog minimaliste

Plugins: Social Icons

  • Minimalistički plugin Simple Share Follow Button od meni omiljenog Japanskog autora, koji samo prikaže socijalne ikone i ništa više.

Post Date Time Change Ako menjaš datum za neku sliku, naravno da ne pomera u druge foldere (ako je tako organizovano po mesecima i godini), već samo menja datum, od Japanskog minimaliste

Podseća administratora da je vreme da unese novi članak na sajt: Notify Old Blog

LH Sortable Tables using tofsjonas/sortable: Vanilla JavaScript table sort

Plugins: Disable Comments

These plugins will disable commenting functionality on a website.

Plugins: Disable Authors

Disable authors everywhere

An easy way: there is an option in Yoast SEO to disable Author archives and Date-based archives. Just go to SEO > Titles & Metas > Archives > Author archives. On the same page also exists Date-based archives option.

Better way?

add_filter( 'author_link',          'disable_autor_link' );

function author_archive_redirect() {
   if( is_author() ) {
       wp_redirect( home_url(), 301 );

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'author_archive_redirect' );

Plugins: Contact Form

Double Opt-in in Gravity Forms?

Coding: WordPress Email Double Opt-in GDPR using Gravity Forms

Or using plugin: Double Opt In Addon for Gravity Forms - GDPR/DSGVO ready - 3rd party compatible Version 1.8.3 is from 2019/01/16

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