Changing the taskbar icon in Firefox Developer Edition

Changing the taskbar icon in Firefox Developer Edition

In the same way I am about to describe, I can change any resource, including icons, in any application.

I am annoyed that both VSCode and Firefox Developer Edition have blue icons, which makes it hard for me to distinguish them in the taskbar. First, I tried changing the resources mentioned in firefox.VisualElementsManifest.xml in the Firefox installation folder, which are VisualElements_150.png and VisualElements_70.png. However, that only changes the appearance in the Start menu or something similar, which is of no use to me.

It turns out that I have to modify the resource in the .EXE file itself, and for that I need a tool, such as Resource Hacker.

The tool has a nice GUI, but since I want to do everything from the command line, here’s how to install it and replace the icon:

To install, type the following in PowerShell:

scoop install resource-hacker

To replace the icon, run:

$exe = "$env:ProgramFiles\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe"
$ico = "$env:HomePath\.config\firefox\firefox-classic.ico"

cp "$exe" "$exe.bak"
resourcehacker.exe -open $exe -save "$exe.tmp" -action addoverwrite -resource $ico -mask "ICONGROUP,1,"
resourcehacker.exe -open "$exe.tmp" -save $exe -action addoverwrite -resource $ico -mask "ICONGROUP,32512,"

A useful article is How to get the old Firefox icon.

date 29. Apr 2023 | modified 10. Jun 2024
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