Plugins: User Anonymous Access

Plugins: User Anonymous Access

Passwordless Authentication with Magic Links

How to Make WordPress Page Only Accessible via Link?

Share a link to anonymous users to preview Public Post Preview

FluentAuth – The Ultimate Authorization & Security Plugin for WordPress

Temporary Login Without Password

  • Authenticator by respected author, will make site visible only to logged-in users

Unlisted Pages

Unlist Posts & Pages by Brainstorm Force, Astra authors.

  • User Period Register može privremeno da registruje usera i da mu članstvo oročeno na tačno određeno vreme, odnosno user with time limit. Može da sarađuje sa “User Mail Only Register” pa da korisnik ne mora ni da postavlja šifru već se loguje samo emailom

  • User Mail Only Register omogućava da se korisnik registruje samo sa emailom, bez passworda

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