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Research » Browser Extensions » Userscripts

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Userscript Manager: Violentmonkey

When it comes to userscript managers, which one should you choose - Violentmonkey, Greasemonkey, or Tampermonkey? The answer is Violentmonkey, as it is a real open-source, cross-browser, and actively developed manager.

Tampermonkey, originally developed for Chrome and then ported to WebExtensions, is closed-source and not to be trusted due to its proprietary license and analytics.

Greasemonkey, also known as the “dad” of script managers, was the original one but is rarely updated now.

FireMonkey is a Firefox-only, closed-source userscript manager that allows you to manage and inject User CSS, so you can ditch Stylus/Stylish altogether.

Learn more about why the three exist: Why the three exist

Userscript Repositories

If you are looking for a fast “meta-search” that searches all of these repositories, try Userscript.Zone.

Greasy Fork is the most popular userscript hoster, it is open-source, hosted on GitHub, and created by the maintainer.

Although OpenUserJS is an alternative, it has some limits that it constantly displays, and its search feature is painfully slow. However, it has a feature called “Libraries,” which shows which scripts use a library.

An active mirror of the old Mirror still exists. Additionally, there exists a repository for adult user scripts called Sleazy Fork.

Interesting Userscripts

Take a look at these interesting userscripts:

Userscript Libraries: Options GUI and Misc

Here are some userscript libraries that you might find helpful:

Notes on Userscripts

You can also store script elements on Pastebin or any other external resources like CSS or similar.

The GM_* API provides essential documentation and, as you can see there, the GM_registerMenuCommand is a component of the system.

Turning Github repos into CDN

I can use any script from GitHub and run it through a CDN, then use it normally in the @require directive on Userscript.

For example, instead of using a script library from the address, which tends to be slow, I can and do use the url I’m getting the latest version and faster CDN with this method.

Sve je objašnjeno zašto i kako u članku on how to use GitHub for Hosting i zašto ne radi direktno na GitHub, a u članku je objašnjen rad sa svim servisima (GitHub Pages, Githack, jJSdelivr)

Najbitniji i najpopularniji je bio RawGit, ali je on prestao sa radom. Trenutno ima samo dva alata za ovu namenu: that is based on Free Cloudfare CDN service To obtain CDN URL, take the required URL from GitHub and use it in this tool: Migrate from GitHub to jsDelivr on the raw file master/gm_config.js from the repository. When you want to refresh the CDN cache, that is, to “pull” a new version, you can use the tool Purge CDN cache.

Make Your Own Little (Easy-to-Update) CDN - Chris Coyier

šta je ovo?

chat-gpt-voice-recognition-userscript - Source code

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Usersctips and Browser Extensions: HN Comments Owl

insin/control-panel-for-twitter: Browser extension which gives you more control over your Twitter timeline and adds missing features and UI improvements - available for desktop and mobile browsers Control Panel for Twitter

alexalbertt/twitter-hider-extension: Hide retweets and threads on Twitter


Stylebot Stylebot is a browser extension which lets you modify the appearance of any webpage and sync your changes across browsers.

Ali je dobar jer ima editor i readibility. Praktično, pravi bazu za sajtove.

Slično je i Stylus ::

Coding userscripts

Injecting CSS

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. jaywcjlove/hotkeys-js: ➷ A robust Javascript library for capturing keyboard input. It has no dependencies. koji ja koristim
  2. Violentmonkey with repo violentmonkey/vm-shortcut: Register a shortcut for a function

Svoje scriptove stavi na github, a kao primer:

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