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Plugins » Server Monitoring

Server monitoring plugins

I’m searching for plugins that offer basic server statistics. Of particular importance are the memory usage and the amount of space occupied by each folder. The Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin already provides information about folder sizes, but it does not include details about memory consumption.

All of these plugins display information exclusively within the admin area.

Only in the dashboard, Disk Space Usage not only monitors disk space but also memory, and supports email triggers. This makes it ideal for production environments as it sends notifications. However, these features are only available in the Pro version, while the free version lacks any functionality. It is best to disregard it.

Only in the Admin bar, you can find the Memory Usage Bar plugin. However, please be aware that when you are logged in but viewing the frontend of the website, the plugin does not display. This limitation is quite nonsensical, and as a result, I am compelled to install the Memory Meter plugin.

Samo u admin bar Memory Meter ali vrlo prominentno i obojeno, ali poseduje logging capability gde evidentira memory consumption of requests. Nije loš za development ali je i za stage i za production previše vidljiv u admin bar-u a i ima 15 menija i submenija bez razloga.

  • On admin dashboard plus on admin footer: WP-Memory-Usage baš može lepo da izmeri memory consumption iz multiple loadings.

  • On dashboard with folder sizes info plus in admin footer basic info: My Simple Space. Međutim, plugin ima problem jer “zakuca” Dashboard iz nekog razloga, verovatno kalkuliše space pa ga smatram amaterski napisanim odnosno upotrebljivim samo na malim folderima a ionako Site Health ima istu opciju.

  • Admin footer:

Monitoring on Env Types

Koji plugin treba staviti na koji environment i zašto?

Setup on dev env:

jer podržava tačnije merenje i ima i dashboard i footer, a još WP_DEBUG status u footer

wp plugin install wp-memory-usage –activate

Setup on staging: # imace i u admin bar + footer + dashboard, plus info o WP_DEBUG wp plugin install wpmm-memory-meter memory-usage-bar debug-status-display-footer –activate

Setup on production env: # samo admin bar warning for search engines, plus WP_DEBUG status u footer wp plugin install search-engines-blocked-warning debug-status-display-footer –activate

atec Cache Info

Predivan plugin

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