Microphone PC vs LINE vs AUX Connector

Microphone PC vs LINE vs AUX Connector

The output from a microphone is generally to low a signal to work in an “Aux” input. The latter is referred to as “line level”, about 1 volt, whereas the microphone may be 1/10th that.

The electronic audio world has two common signal levels. Think of it as two radically different “volume” levels. “Mic level” signals come out of microphones. “Line level” signals are used to pass among devices like this. An “Aux in” port expects a line level signal. Plug a microphone into it and it won’t be loud enough. It won’t be NEARLY loud enough.

Mic Level and Line Level – What do they mean? | Shure Technical FAQ A15LA 50 dB Attenuator | Shure Americas


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