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Wordpress » Performance » Preload, Prefetch, etc

Prefetch pages

Quicklink vs Instant.page vs Flying Pages - Why I built Flying Pages

Sada se pojavio oficjelni plugin za ovo koji takođe radi na hover:

  • Speculation Rules

  • Pre* Party Resource Hints takođe ima identičnu opciju i zove je “Auto Prefetch”. Ovaj je opcija “ispod haube” bukvalno ista kao Flying Pages, mislim stvarno - baš je includeovan script Flying Pages.

Malo o nastanku pluginaa.


A few people complained that ‘Quicklink’ plugin crashed their servers. So I built a plugin from scratch to fix it Flying Pages

There is something new called Guess.js from Google it learns user behaviour and preloads accordingly. A: Yes, but it’s very hard to implement in WordPress

InstantPage preloads pages only on mouse hover, which is not efficient. “Flying Pages” preloads pages based on the viewport so that they must be ready even before mouse hover

WordPress Instant Articles is for various tags, but I’m using it only for inserting dns-prefetch for our CDN as for some unknown reason,pagespeed doesn’t do that properly. But, as Chrome will conclude on it’s own already, don’t use this plugin anymore.

DNS Prefetch is the simplest way to add dns-prefetch tags.

Prefetch can be simply applied in Wordpress with the help of a HTTP/2 Server Push plugin.

Behavior Flow is for basic prerendering, in a way that you can select prerender page for any existing page; nothing special and nothing automatic.

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