Domains and Domain Registrar

Domains and Domain Registrar

About .com pricing: the registrar (Godaddy) pays $8.03 wholesale - $7.85 to registry (Verisign) + $0.18 to ICANN.


And the best ones are!

  • AlpNames is my favorite. Incredibly cheap and 3rd in size in the world. Privacy is not included, but at that price - who cares. Very good and simple interface!

  • is huge Chinese registrar - No1 in the world, and some prices are incredible!

  • are inexpensive and have solid reviews. Free private WHOIS. Strange Typical prices - everything is PER year, so it is more expensive as we order more years. Still, for .eu, .de & .com TLDs, they are amongst the cheapest. They are Bulgarians, but company is in Bahamas. Prices per 3yr: .com ($8.93/yr), .eu (€5.05/yr), .de (€5.66/yr). They include email forwarding among other features.

These below are somehow “classic”:

  • Uniregistry but I never got the some incredible prices. But they have great UI and for .com domains are one of the best.
  • Freenom has even some “free” domains for the first year. EU ( 4.30€ ) and NL ( 3.70€) TLD’s are really cheap, and the same price is for renewal. NL is probably so cheap as this is the Dutch company. Included for free: WHOIS Privacy, DNS and Email Forwarding

  • OVH has some very cheap TLD’s including their own OVH and very interesting UK.

  • Easyname

  • NameSilo I tried everything, but nothing got me great prices for 3yr.

  • 1&1

  • Russian Domain Registration

  • is not bad at all, really because it has incredible number of TLD’s. But the prices are simply too big for my taste..



  • Whois Privacy: $4.99. Pricing Same thing with pricing: first year is ok, but as we go more, it is more expensive.

  • has no free domain privacy. As others, just first year is low price.

  • BigRock has in-the-middle pricing.

Trying to get cheapest domain for 3 years?

Perfect site to compare prices of TLD: TLD List It ranks also by “3 year value score” which is exactly what I need to analyse.

There is also a site with all the statistics Get detailed insights about TLDs where I discovered some huge Chinese companies. On this site, you can see the most popular registrar by TLD and therefore discover the most cheap ones.

Cheapest solutions I could find:

  • 3yr (AlpNames 0.79/yr = $2.07), DNS hosted @ Digital Ocean (set to 7 days = 604800s) - Maximum DNS TTL - Conrad Askland blog

  • $2.07

  • 3yr ( 0.83/yr = $2.50)

  • 3yr

Slobodno ($2.07):,,,,,,, Ima dosta nemačkih kao što je : (uglavnom samo Number of letters = 9)


German Words Ending in MEN Srpski: Подршка за српски језик (Hunspell, Hyphen,…)

List of Cheapest Domains

How to name a domain

Domain Management and Monitoring

DomainMOD is an excellent self-hosted open-source domain management application written in PHP, which allows you to manage your domains and other internet assets in a central location. The repository can be found at domainmod/domainmod.

DNMin is a completely free, but not open-source, domain management tool that provides options for bulk Whois reading, registrar detection, expiration and creation dates, and supports a variety of TLDs. Check out the list of supported TLDs. It consistently queries your domain data from the registrar Whois database, and if DNMin detects any changes in the record, it will alert you. | Domain Name Pricing date: 2024-05-24, sada je ovo najjeftiniji domains i za .COM i za .DE, a included je i email forwarding.

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