Plugin boilerplate / Scaffolding

Plugin boilerplate / Scaffolding

main one wp scaffold plugin More modern? 10up/plugin-scaffold: 10up official starter plugin.

Stari, klasičan, nekad najbolji 3yr ago - bez composera i slično: WPPBDevinVinson/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate

Odličan za React: WP React Starter: WordPress Plugin Boilerplate with React

Sane suggestions: WordPress Plugin, the OOP Way - Ndevr

Block boilerplate

Official: gutenberg/ at master · WordPress/gutenberg

Simple Composer-based WordPress plugin scaffold: tommcfarlin/wp-plugin-scaffold: A simple scaffold used for what’s needed to spin up a Composer-based WordPress plugin. WP Plugin Scaffold for Composer-based Plugins | Tom McFarlin

  • wp-media/upload-max-file-size
    A simple plugin written on all coding rules, from a company that makes WP Rocket. Maybe use it as a sample for my plugins?

On creating a plugin

Plugin Development: boilerplate WPBP/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate-Powered: Wordpress Plugin Boilerplate but Powered with examples and a generator!

Deploying Plugin to

The new and updated

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator | Ready to use WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Tmeister/wppb-generator: WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate - Apto

WPPB with added Extras

The popular WPPB with added Composer, namespaces, autoloading, Codeception testing, and GitHub Actions deployment. BrianHenryIE/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate

Vrlo interesantni, skoro pa idealni:

study-hary-id/SimplePluginTemplate: Simple WordPress plugin template, based on functional and classes as services Classes Plugin Template is the starter of WordPress plugin template based on classes as services.

study-hary-id/CustomAdminTemplate: Simple WordPress plugin that create modular administration area

study-hary-id/settings-api-wordpress: A complete and practical example of the WordPress Settings API

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