The new Webfonts API

The new Webfonts API

Wordpress Fonts

This is merged: Webfonts API by aristath · Pull Request #37140 · WordPress/gutenberg Implementing a Webfonts API is using Fontsource

Complying with GDPR when using Google Fonts – Make WordPress Themes

From WPTT aka Official WordPress Themes Team

This is exactly what I need for local fonts, from the official team: WPTT/webfont-loader: Download webfonts and host them locally on a WordPress site. An example of its usage can be found in the Twentig plugin.

New package to allow locally hosting webfonts – Make WordPress Themes

Local Fonts

For Google fonts, use: google webfonts helper Adobe Typekits fonts are downloaded at %APPDATA%\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r They can be preprared for web using Webfont Generator or other online @font-face generator like Transfonter

  • Font Hero by is paid, but I admire Croatian authors and it is really not that expensive
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