Plugin: 301 Redirections

Plugin: 301 Redirections

Redirection Allows you to manage 301 redirections plus it keeps log of 404 errors. Plugin works entirely inside WordPress, without Apache/nginx rewrite rules. Compared to other plugins, supports grouping of redirect rules - the feature that greatly eases management of redirection lists.

Has CSV import functionality which is neat for using it with Google’s Search Console.

The process is explained here:

  1. First, export the whole list as CSV in Search Console
  2. Put that into Screaming Frog SEO tool, and check links. Export the ones with Response Code of 404.
  3. Import that in plugin and work with it.

Second interesting process is to first export Log in CSV, edit that one, and than import it as redirection list.

The only downside is practically non-existant support, but if you really need it, don’t ask for it on but hop to github johngodley/redirection

The second one is that I’m not sure if it works on multisite installation.

Please note that author works for Automattic, so that should be good news.

Also supports regex and one valid example is here:

  • Source URL: /xyz(.*)
  • Destination URL: /?redir=xyz$1

so we can use replacement variables in regex. And in this example, we are using it to see redirections in Google Analytics.

Note: Don’t forget to click checkbox in Options with message: I'm a nice person and I have helped support the author of this plugin. As nothing is dumped on frontend, this will remove some popup message in admin backend, nothing more.

There is a really important bug in UI, so read about it more here: johngodley/redirection @ Github

  • SEO Redirection seems also very good, but in free version doesn’t support groups, and not sure for regular expressions. Good thing that it’s working in multisite. Being inferior to free Redirection, it is no-brainer to forget about it.

  • Yoast 301 redirect is paid plugin, now part of Yoast SEO Premium. Doesn’t offer anything special compared to others.

  • Eggplant 301 Redirects

  • WP SEO Redirect 301

  • 404 ReDirector works without any configuration at all - redirect based on similar slugs. Can be interesting.

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The Regex URL Redirect with/without Trailing Slash & Query String by Chris Ainsworth article addresses a practical problem and the frequent misconfiguration of the Redirection plugin.

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