Project Documentation

Project Documentation

I want to have documents in my “Treasury” file structure, but at the same time I want to display them in a nice way to other colleagues. The problem arose from the unfortunate fact that Google Drive doesn’t have any kind of Markdown preview. And that was the reason why I needed to find a better solution.

There are a lot of possible approaches out there, and almost every one of them has a major flaw in it.

Store documents in Google Drive and view them with MDWiki

This is no longer a viable option as Google has announced that they will stop hosting files after 31. August 2016. This means that it will no longer be possible to access files using the[doc_id] URL.

News source article

A few more tricks: How to create direct download links for files in Google Drive

Note: I can’t seem to get the full text search to work on the .md files in Google Drive - it just doesn’t work.

Host documents on Seafile natively

Hosting documents natively on a Seafile server allows for the use of its built-in, visually appealing markdown viewer.

However, to ensure that changes made to the documents are recognized, we must use hard-links from my Google Drive to Seafile. Soft directory links are not viable as Seafile file watcher will not pickup changes on files.

While hosting all documents on Seafile may seem like a good idea, it’s important to note that the search functionality is not stellar; in fact, it is non-existent. Also note that full-text search is available only in the Pro version, which is free for up to 3 users.

Storing documents in Dropbox

Dropbox has some rudimentary preview support for Markdown, plus web hosting is possible so we can also use much more advanced MDWiki markdown preview.

Problem is that it doesn’t support full-text search in their free accounts.

I won’t migrate my notes to Dropbox, but I can use hardlinks to Dropbox, if I ever want to ditch Seafile thing setup in the same way.

Temporary but simple solution

For some past projects and customer documentation, I used to create a separate non-encrypted library inside Seafile, and I have set that synced folder on my computer is at the same location as Google Drive folder.

Therefore, I have avoided creating hard links or anything similar, and I don’t need to use MDWiki as Seafile has beautiful Markdown preview.

date: 2020-10-31

simplenote vs hackMd

hackmd: pro: ui and features, can copy-paste image, can be self-hosted con: no text search

simplenote: pro: text search, speed con: no douple-pane editing, no images, not open-source

something else:

decided to use simplenote (not hackmd) for writings

GitBook radi sve: podržava 10 spaces i Custom domain, što mi je sasvim dovoljno. Ali ne znam kako se edituje markdown? Nikako lepo :(

baš mi se sviđa: (radi odlično sa slikama, nema custom domain). sve radi kako treba osim što nije team?

Jedino loše kod hackmd je to što je search odvratan, ali to mi nije bitno kod tima. Takođe, nema custom domain za sada…

Contemporary solutions superior to all previous ones

I think that I have found a number of systems that are perfectly suited to the kind of work I want to do. radi idealno za ono što meni treba! github je opcija a mislim da ima i SSH

I ovo je super i self-hosted: GitHub - outline/outline: The fastest wiki and knowledge base for growing teams. Beautiful, feature rich, and markdown compatible. a i ovaj je super: Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App

Oh how they fucked all this… History: HedgeDoc is the fork of CodiMD, which is the counterpart to HackMD. Confused? HedgeDoc

GitHub - sbrl/Pepperminty-Wiki: A wiki in a box


HackMD is free SaaS remains always free / HackMD EE is SaaS with teams ( deleted weekly) / CodiMD is open-source self-hosted version hackmdio/codimd: CodiMD - Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms. Introducing HackMD Enterprise Edition - HackMD

Open-source hosted version: (no teams?)


Nuclino | The easy knowledge base for teams SlimWiki — Beautiful Wikis for Teams

Outline izgleda vrhunski. Provereno da može kompletno i bez nekih većih mana da se self-hostuje.

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