Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Lazy Loading

Super! Replace lazy loading of images to optimize LCP loading - WP Performance

WP-Performance/wp-performance-remove-lazy: Plugin for replace loading=“lazy” by loading=“eager” for cover img block and all image with class “nolazy”

Iako nema mnogo korisnika, ovo je jednostavan plugin: Native Image Lazy Loading, koristi hook the_content.

Preload Largest Contentful Paint image

How I lowered my LCP by 70%

Optimize images for Core Web Vitals

Pominje šta već radi WordPress: How to use fetch priority in WordPress to improve LCP

What to do with featured image?

  • <link rel="preload" as="image" href="..."> Ovo je pravi preloading i to ide obavezno za featured image

  • <img loading="eager" dodaj na sliku, ali samo na featured image

  • <img decoding="async"not very important, but leave it Since WordPress 6.1 adds attribute decoding=“async” to all images returned by the core WordPress thumbnail functions as well as the image block. For elements in the original HTML src, there don’t really seem to be many downsides. I argue not as many upsides either, but if no downsides then why not just do it? This is why we see platforms like WordPress have added this by default - What does the image decoding attribute actually do? | Tune The Web

  • <img fetchpriority="high" is just a hint to the browser, and leave it Optimizing resource loading with the Fetch Priority API

A kako to da menjamo u WordPress? Image loading optimization enhancements in 6.4

Delay JavaScript Loading

run JavaScript on user interaction; delay JavaScript based on user interaction

Optimization plugins that delay the loading of scripts until you instruct them to.

Šta odložiti predlaže sledeći tekst: How To Delay JavaScript Execution In WordPress (With List Of Common Files) kao i ovaj How to delay JavaScript until user interaction in WordPress (one-click)

For example, with Google Analytics, you might see slightly lower stats if they’re delayed. That’s because the script is now loading on user interaction. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Google doesn’t filter out all of the bots or spam, so if you delay Google Analytics, along with the delay timeout feature, it might improve your data as it now narrows it down to actual users.

Flying scripts settings on CNC24:


Delay JS Scripts

Delay scripts:



# Ovo je od ranije:

Fix slow hero images & Core Web Vitals 103 Early hints

Defer jQuery

The newer