Affiliate Statistics Aggregators

Affiliate Statistics Aggregators

Synonyms: Affiliate Network Stats Aggregation

The only two online offers that are feature-complete are:

  • Affiliboard
    Was my choice up until they decided not to update their API connectors anymore; Tradedoubler API, for example. Parent company is not interested and they will probably cease to exist in the near future.

    English version is on separate domain and it is not the same system as affiliate networks are different. Has all the options needed, and more.

    After days of using, I found a couple of really huge problems with this aggregator:

    1. It can’t differentiate multiple websites, so it’s NOT possible to track only one website
    2. Can’t aggregate past data, for example more than 1 month old

Online Aggregators

  • Statfetch
    is very basic: less than tragic. For example, no way to select custom date range, no way to track one brand only, etc. Avoid in big circle. Has all main affiliate networks.

  • Multifiliate
    was free but is NO MORE (closed). In the meantime, they recommend Stats Remote it is not the most attractive platform, but they are the biggest.

  • Staagg
    Couldn’t make it work even with Zanox. Site is dated 2013.

  • AffJet
    Registeres and it seems unmaintained and nothing is working as expected; for some operations you must even switch to IE browser?

  • AffClicks
    seems unmaintained and their site has footer stating Year 2011.

  • Site Portfolio Manager
    is free but has only couple of networks, and not sure how much of it is working.

Desktop Aggregators

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