WordPress » Hosting Sandboxed Temporary Sites

WordPress » Hosting Sandboxed Temporary Sites

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Article on Creating a WordPress Sandbox Website Services


TasteWP may have a slightly childish UI, yet it operates incredibly quickly and offers several brilliant options. There are template options, as well as custom plugin and theme uploads, even in the free version. A Quick-URL is similar to a template, but accessed through a URL, and so on.

With TasteWP, I can connect a custom plugin that I upload directly to a template.

It has some excellent features, one of which is a bookmarklet that should be clicked when you’re on a plugin or theme page in the WP directory. However, if you’re on a plugin or theme page in the WP directory, simply replace “wordpress.org” in the URL with “tastewp.com” and press enter to spin up a site to try out that plugin or theme.

Using a URL, you can launch a site with pre-installed plugins. Source, which is similar to templates.

As for limits, if you create a site while not logged in on TasteWP, it’s valid for 2 days, otherwise, it’s 7 days. It offers 1 GB of space for a free site. If you’re logged into TasteWP, you can create up to 6 sites.

Još nisu savladali custom domain name, a InstaWP radi to sa CNAME ali tek u Personal planu koji je 14$/m


InstaWP is definitely targeted towards developers, so it’s logical that I prefer it more. On a positive note, InstaWP has servers in Germany, offers the option to populate a site with test data using the Faker plugin, and you can install any plugins or themes available on wp.org, but not custom ones, as that requires Pro. You can set the language in advance and deploy a plugin or something else from a GitHub repository. All of this is available in the Free version.

In the Pro version, it supports White Label and includes the “Connects” option, which, with the additional plugin InstaWP Connect installed on your site, enables you to set up a staging site in an instant with two-way push from staging to production and vice versa. Another unique Pro option is “Commands”, which are a list of executable Linux-based commands that can be run remotely on one or multiple sites at once.

Like TasteWP, the free limits are 2 days for storage and 7 days for retention.

Mnogo je skuplji od TasteWP ali ponuda od 29$/m ustvari ubija jer ima i custom branding i SSH i WP-CLI i custom domain i sve za 25 sajtova. Pored toga, možeš da deploy-uješ direktno sa GitHub repo.

When you type Try.New or zipwp.dev in your browser, it redirects you to a completely new website on ZipWP, which appears to have a different purpose - AI-generated websites. Nevertheless, they also offer these temporary instant websites.

By the way, ZipWP is a project by Astra theme, and the AI is actually just a selection of Astra starter templates with modified data, as explained in the Starter Templates and ZipWP Integration documentation.

Glavni razlog što koristim TasteWP je to što je baš mnogo, mnogo brži u kreiranju novog sajta, a ono što me kod njih nervira je tih 5-6 reklamnih pluginova koje se automatski instaliraju.

I InstaWP ima svoje adute. Kada si ulogovan, InstaWP automatski koristi default shared template, što je savršeno, jer tu možeš da podešiš šta instaliraš. Možeš i da podesiš template da se otvara, ali sobzirom da imam samo jedn za free, nema to smisla. Sa druge strane, InstaWP može da podesti da FakerPress več popuni sajt nekim podacima, što mi se kao opcija strašno sviđa. A i nema bloat-a.

WordPress Sandbox - Free Test/Staging/Sandbox WordPress Site with Admin Access Free Staging WordPress Site. WordPress site setup in seconds to try new plugins and themes by qSandbox.com

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Block Development Playground

Testiranje kako bi Gutenberg Block izgledao, na osnovu block.json, edit.js i index.js: Gutenberg Playground sa repo na fabiankaegy/gutenberg-playground: This is an Exploration to see how an interactive sandbox to explain Gutenberg concepts with live editor access could look.

Playground: Official JS client-only Sandbox

browser-only WordPress sandboxed playground

Woow. Počeo je demo na wp.org da radi:

Vidi kako radi! Serbian Addons for WooCommerce

WordPress Playground


Ludilo: @wp-now/wp-now - npm

Blueprint data Format | WordPress Playground

Start using WordPress Playground in 5 minutes | WordPress Playground

wp-now: Support for running a Blueprint on start · Issue #80 · WordPress/playground-tools

Build in-browser WordPress experiences with WordPress Playground and WebAssembly

Hello from WordPress Playground | WordPress Playground

Query API | WordPress Playground

Interactive Intro to WordPress Playground Public API – Adam’s Perspective

https://playground.wordpress.net/?php=latest&wp=latest&theme=blockscape A tu su i blueprints: Playground Blueprints by adamziel · Pull Request #211 · WordPress/wordpress-playground VEĆ RADE! Getting started with Blueprints | WordPress Playground

Pazi ovo:

WordPress Playground for VS Code - Visual Studio Marketplace starts a local WordPress JS Playground development server with a click of a button.

ili CLI:

wp-now is powered by WordPress Playground and only requires Node.js. playground-tools/packages/wp-now at trunk · WordPress/playground-tools · GitHub

Plugins that extend Playground:


Toys for Playground je unapređena verzija prethodnog plugina sa mnoštvom podešavanja za env.

WordPress Playground Block plugin, with the code repository at WordPress/playground-tools,allows you to embed a playground into any post. It serves as a successor to the Interactive Code Block plugin.

Most of these plugins can be found in the WordPress Playground Tools repository.

Tu je i najosnovniji Playground Embedder od Yoast-a, što je ustvari shortcode sa svim detaljnim parametrima.

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