Plugins: Permalink Structure

Plugins: Permalink Structure

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In terms of all-in-one permalink managers, there aren’t many options.

Permalink Manager Lite is quite limited in its free version, as it cannot remove the slug from categories, for example. It can edit the slug individually for each post, and there is a tool to find duplicated permalinks. However, as for the free version, that’s about it - in other words, very little.

Typical user requirements and needs related to permalink structure:

Permalink Settings for Custom Post Types

The only one that worked correctly was “Remove CPT base”

Simple Post Type Permalinks does the job perfectly, as expected, while the repository is at torounit/simple-post-type-permalinks. Surprisingly, this one didn’t work well for me for some reason; specifically, I couldn’t view a custom post when I removed the base, but it worked for all other settings.

The same author wrote Custom Post Type Permalinks with the repository at torounit/custom-post-type-permalinks, which seemingly offers some more advanced settings for the same purpose.

Custom Permalinks for Custom Post Types is also excellent and almost identical to Simple Post Type Permalinks with a few additional settings. However, since it has considerably fewer users, I will use the first tandem. This plugin is full of debug warnings, even had a fatal error, and therefore, I couldn’t use it.

Remove CPT base works perfectly, and I’m using it.

Remove Post Type Slug Remove custom post type slug from URL

  • WP Better Permalinks features a simple interface, but I don’t understand its purpose or what it does at all. Ustvari, mislim da kapiram. Nisam ni znao da Custom Post Type ne prikazuje kategorije u permalink, pa mu ovo to omogućava.

Removing Category Base

While they all do the job, WP No Base Permalink is the best as it’s by far the most flexible.

No Category Base (WPML) works for categories but not tags, has no configuration screen and has an incredible 100K users.

Remove Category URL has no settings but does the job specifically for categories and boasts over 60K users.

WP No Base Permalink works great and allows you to configure both categories and tags, although it doesn’t work for custom taxonomies. In case you have a post with the same slug as a Category Archive page, this plugin should prioritise the archive display, although in my testing it didn’t seem to be the case and the post was shown instead - which suits me as that’s what I want.

CS Remove Category Base also does the job without any settings. The author even points out that in case you have a post with the same slug as a Category Archive page, this plugin prioritises the post, which is perfect for me.

Remove Taxonomy Slug

There are times when you would like to remove the Category base altogether for your Category archive page URL.

I prefer this when using a custom WordPress permalink structure of /%category%/%postname%/

There are several plugins (Yoast SEO) that will do this for you.

Dont forget to flush permalinks! Be sure to flush your permalinks each time you make changes to your WordPress URL structure. It’s not always needed, but can help. To do that, go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.

Category Base plugin eliminates the category base URL in WordPress permalinks, displaying only the category name.

Nisam siguran da li je to ovo isto: Smart Archive Page Remove

Those values are called Structure Tags

Custom Fields Permalink 2 + ACF Permalinks


Single Category Permalink reduces permalinks that include entire hierarchy of categories to just having the lowest category in the hierarchy.

Modify Single Post Permalinks

Permalink Manager Lite can also edit permalink for any post, but not for taxonomies

Custom Permalinks with repo at samiahmedsiddiqui/custom-permalinks služi baš za izmenu slug-a na pojedinačnim posts odnosno taxonomies ondosno This plugin is only useful for assigning custom permalinks for individual posts, pages, tags or categories. Ima 100K korisnika pa je u ovom segmentu favorit.

Custom Permalink Editor takođe radi to na najjednostavniji način, ali ima vrlo malo korisnika.

Remove custom post type slug from URL

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