Macro / Automation tool

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You can also just use the native macOS Automator to build some really nice workflows and if you get into OSAscript or AppleScript, you can do some really fancy things. I think Automator is a highly underutilized app, especially because it’s a stock app (which means it’s free).

Macro / Automation tool

Task Automation App, Autohotkey alternative, AHK in Windows


repeats/Repeat: Cross-platform mouse/keyboard record/replay and automation hotkeys/macros creation, and more advanced automation features. is cross-platform but written in Java.

Čak tri native rešenje: Script Editor, Automator and Shortcuts

AppleScript is an object-oriented scripting language with a syntax resembling ordinary English, that you can write using Script Editor and its “Open Dictionary” option. Automator, by contrast, requires no knowledge of programming, but instead allows you to construct tasks from a library of actions using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Y~ou can use the Run AppleScript action to add AppleScript scripts to your Automator workflow. A od 2021, Shortcuts je novi oficijelni tool, jednostavniji ali i manje moćan od Automatora, ali po istim principima


Vrlo jednostavan, na nivou Shortcurs-a, ali izuzetno lak za upotrebu je CustomShortcuts koji odlično sarađuje sa shortcut-helperom CheatSheet jer omogućava podešavanje akcija za sekund. Međutim, osim već predefinisanih akcija koje advertizeuju aplikacije (Dictionary), ne podržava više od toga.

Keyboard Maestro (paid)

Keyboard Maestro: Work Faster with Macros for macOS is paid without lifetime licence, and Keyboard Maestro is mainly graphical with the ability to execute code.


Hammerspoon is purely code, in Lua, sa repo Hammerspoon/hammerspoon: Staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation with Lua. Najbitnije je što je cross-platform.

hs.hotkey.bind({“shift”, “alt”, “ctrl”}, “A”, function() hs.application.launchOrFocus(“Wezterm”) end)

hs.hotkey.bind({}, “F2”, function() wez = hs.application.find(“Wezterm”) if wez then if wez:isFrontmost() then wez:hide() else wez:activate() end end end)

Text Expanders

̊espanso/espanso: Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust aText - Text template, shortcut, expansion for Mac and Windows is also cross-platform but not free.

Typinator nije besplatan.

Hammerspoon - Joschua’s Notes | Using Spoons in Hammerspoon Seal louncher! | My Hammerspoon Configuration, With Commentary

quickdraw6906/hammerspoon-pc: My hammerspoon Lua scripts to bring PC key bindings to the mac (and other useful goodies) hammerspoon-pc/config.lua at master · quickdraw6906/hammerspoon-pc

Make Home & End keys behave like Windows on Mac OS X » DamienG and vscode: Make Home & End keys behave like Windows on Mac OS X » DamienG Use End And Home Buttons On Mac As They Are In Windows

Interesting lua scripts:

Windows management using Grid:

Super setup! Teddy Ma’s Homepage |

dbalatero/SkyRocket.spoon: Resize and move windows using the mouse and modifier keys. A Hammerspoon clone of Zooom/2 functionality.

The history of Hammerspoon

Hammerspoon is a fork from Mjolnir is a ham… | Hacker News Some people forked Mjolnir as “Hammerspoon”

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