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If one switches the the settings of ui.key.accelKey and ui.key.menuAccessKey, i.e. Alt (18) for accelKey and Ctrl (17) for menuAccessKey, the access keys are shown correctly in the menu and it works as espected.

I occasionally press ALT to switch application, and sometimes the menu appears on the top, so I have to press it again to toggle it. Go to about:config, and change the preference ui.key.menuAccessKey to 0 and restart Firefox.

Idi na about:config pa ukucaj ui.key

To govno se zove: ui.key.menuAccessKey definitivno, ali ne rešava problem jer je i dalje aktivno nakon Ctrl + F

Note that ui.key.menuAccessKeyFocuses = false will only prevent the hidden menu bar from opening if you press the Alt key, so pressing only Alt has no effect but Alt+D will still open the Datei menu

U windows-u se takođe zove “Access Keys” and you can control displaying of “Underline” but not turn them off.



Access key je .

Many UI elements in the Mozilla “chrome” can be accessed by using an access key with another key and that access key is usually underlined in the UI elements label.

Key Code Values: Ctrl = 17 , Alt = 18, Win = 91 Use this tool for Key Codes and on that site are also tables with keyCodes.

Firefox je podešavanje podelio na

Sve je obašnjeno u about:config uputstvu. Potpuna besmislica i nikakva konzistentnost sa vrednostima, tako da budi vrlo obazriv u ovinm values i čitaj pažljivo upustvo.

  • ui.key.accelKey 17 (Ctrl) nema veze sa daljim vrednostima. Ovo je baš bitan shortcut za “acceleration” key i neka ostane Ctrl.

  • ui.key.generalAccessKey set to -1
    This is like setting accey key for both chrome-areas and content-area elements. Defaults to -1 and tada se poštuju vrednosti u chromeAccess i contentAccess variablama. Ako hoćeš da ga disable, odnosno da nikako nema access key, postavi na 0.

  • ui.key.chromeAccess ću podesiti na 0 to disable, and this is for eveything in UI that is not webpage content or menu. Aktivan samo ako je “generalAccessKey” = -1 a default je bio 4 (Alt)

  • ui.key.contentAccess je takođe aktivan samo ako je “generalAccessKey” = -1. U pitanju vrlo važan parametar i ovo je access key kada je korisnik u samom sadržaju web strane. Default na Windows je 5 š(Shift + Alt) dok je Mac drugačije a Mac dodatno ima i “Command” key ako želi.

ui.key.menuAccessKey 18

ui.key.menuAccessKeyFocuses true


The HTML 4.01 specification defines the accesskey attribute for certain HTML elements (links, image maps, and some form controls). This allows the user to focus or activate the element. However, these shortcuts defined in web pages can conflict with Mozilla’s shortcuts. To avoid this problem, the access key used for web page content can be specified separately from the chrome. This preference determines which access key is used for web content displayed in Mozilla.

Da bi bolje video kada tražim neki tekst, podesi ovako:

ui.textSelectAttentionBackground = orangered ui.textSelectAttentionForeground = yellow

Change VS Code “Find” Search Result Highlight Color - Jack4125 - Medium

Thank you! I feel I’m going blind, now I can find things! I’m doing:

"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
  "editor.findMatchBorder": "#ff0000",
  "editor.findMatchHighlightBorder": "#ffd700",
  // "editor.findMatchBackground": "#DAA520",

  "editor.selectionBackground": "#642F4D",
  "editor.selectionHighlightBackground": "#daa52073"

    //"editor.findMatchHighlightBackground": "#DAA520",
    //"editor.findRangeHighlightBackground": "#DAA520",
    "editor.selectionHighlightBackground": "#DAA520",
    //"editor.inactiveSelectionBackground": "#DAA520",

A ovo je oficielno: Theme Color

Igraj se sa gomilom opcija: A list of all Visual Studio Code customizable colors, grouped by UI region. Copy and paste into User Settings (comments are allowed) to tweak an existing theme or work on your own.

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