Chat / Implementation

Chat / Implementation

Main sources: :: szimek/xmpp-chat · GitHub :: Building Real-time CoffeeScript Web

Steal ideas: An XMPP library that preserves connection between page switches - Z-XMPP :: Beautiful design: jappix/jappix

Nice improvements:

Filter out profane words on the client:

A fun little IRC bot library for node.js. :: Jerk

My genuine ideas - incentives. Similar to this ideas: :: FlipMe - The Future of Flirting :: Cheek’d

Gotchas? » javascript - Max parallel http connections in a browser? - Stack Overflow :: XMPP web chat: how to resolve multiple tabs/windows? - Stack Overflow

How do I authenticate my socket connections? How do I read session?

Node.JS + Socket.IO + PHP? Nodejs and nowjs with codeigniter db sessions for realtime stuff Groan - A PHP session file parser written in JavaScript (node.js)

Sharing session between Node.js and PHP

We are storing session in memcache, and i believe we plan to move it to Redis. But for now, memcache is current solution.

PHP and Node.JS session share using memcache PHP and Node.JS session share using Redis ccowan/php-nodejs-sessions · GitHub You could even use node to store sessions for PHP nodePhpSessions

Preserve (recreate) chats in multiple tabs

XMPP web chat: how to resolve multiple tabs/windows? - Stack Overflow Client Storage « Simple API Z-XMPP

Handling presence

javascript - Handling presence in Strophe.js-based chat application - Stack Overflow

Steal these designs:

Very simple but nice design: :: LiveChat | Live Chat Software | Live Support | Live Help

maccman/holla - Holla is a group chat app.

node-socket-chat/ at master · daveWid/node-socket-chat · GitHub

reactphp/chatroulette · GitHub

karaka - Skype-XMPP gateway - Google Project Hosting

Woow: candy-chat (Candy Chat)

Quick Chat |

Prebind… Fastest XMPP Sessions with HTTP Pre-Binding candy-chat/xmpp-prebind-php · GitHub Marko-M/xmpp-bosh-php-jquery · GitHub

Prosody Chef recipes: cmur2/chef-prosody · GitHub computerlyrik/chef-prosody · GitHub

shapeshed/ · GitHub

node.js and multiroom chat tutorial – michael mukhin

Woow in PHP: Ratchet - Chatroom WebSocket demonstration WebSockets for PHP - Ratchet push chat application · Blog · Website Design and Development Liverpool, ALJT Media varspool/Wrench · GitHub

Is there an open source WebSockets (JavaScript) XMPP library? - Stack Overflow

dlutcat/chat-ui · GitHub

XMPP console for testing carlosrocha/xmpp-console · GitHub metajack/tape · GitHub

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