Better Path Editor

Better Path Editor

More Windows command line PATH goodness pathed.exe « Just A Programmer

  • pathed : Computer : gtools : pathed

Install with this: wget start /wait gtools-current.exe /S /D=%ProgramFiles%\Tools && echo Install finished

Command Line Usage

so better is directly from Zip: wget unzip RapidEE.exe -d “%ProgramFiles%\Tools”

Explore your environment variables with Rapid Environment Editor

Postoji i komanda setenv u nekim Linux shell-ovima, ali mi ovde nije potrebna.

Install pathed:

powershell.exe -Command "Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile ./gtools-current.exe"
start /wait gtools-current.exe /S /D=c:\bin\gtools && echo Install finished
del gtools-current.exe
\bin\gtools\pathed /MACHINE /APPEND C:\bin\gtools

Amazing, pathed is installed now with simple scoop install gtools

Alorel/patheditor2-mirror: Unofficial mirror of due to CodePlex shutting down rix0rrr/WindowsPathEditor: PATH editor for people who use a lot of “unixy” tools on Windows adrian17/PathEdit: A PATH environment variable editor written in C# and WPF Syntox32/PathEditor: The missing Windows path variable editor

therootcompany/pathman is to manage PATH on Windows, Mac and Linux with various Shells. Finally! scoop install

Edit the PATH environment variable in Windows without pain

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