Measuring Performance

Measuring Performance

Load Testing Apache with AB (Apache Bench) Measuring your web app performance with Apache Bench

Tools To Test Speed

Really perfect writeup of current offerings of page speed test tools.

WebPagetest can show all the public test history, but Pingdom has a free monitoring.

FeedTheBot is the best tool to test bth the speed but also a compliance with Google’s recommendations. The same site contains beautiful SEO tool.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

  • is a great idea. It will check site availability and speed from different spots around the world.

  • WhichLoadsFaster will load two sites in parallel and compare their speed. Very interesting.

  • Show Slow collects performance metrics over time from YSlow, Page Speed Insights, WebPageTest and dynaTrace AJAX Edition rankings.

Website Speed Test by Stat My Web

Check HTTP headers and explain them with REDbot.

Page Speed Testing Tools

Waterfall charts explained

Beginner’s Guide to Waterfall Charts How to use a waterfall chart to diagnose your website’s performance pains

Desktop tools for Web Debugging & Performance Testing: Fiddler

Some new resources to measure site performance:

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