Mirror Android device (video and audio) connected via USB or LAN

Mirror Android device (video and audio) connected via USB or LAN

Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device is fastest Android screen mirroring software, available on scoop install scrcpy srevinsaju/guiscrcpy: A full fledged GUI integration for the award winning open-source android screen mirroring system – scrcpy located on https://github.com/genymobile/scrcpy/ by @rom1v rom1v/sndcpy: Android audio forwarding (scrcpy, but for audio)

Similar is barry-ran/QtScrcpy: Android real-time display control software also on scoop.

Really free PDF editor

XL Editor is a really powerful PDF editor and a word processor, from a great developer.

Also, do use XL Essential PDF Merger to join multiple PDFs and XL Essential PDF Splitter to split them again. Merging works with password-protected PDF files.

Send Huge Files Instantly

Send huge files immediately with Orzeszek Transfer

Simple file transfer utility that allows you to send larger files to anyone with a web browser Orzeszek Transfer. Orzeszek Transfer does not support UPnP by itself, but one can use UPnP Wizard for that. Amazing!

UPnP Port mapping

There is no better and simpler tool to control UPnP on your router, without accessing that router.

Best simple UPnP port mapping tool: UPnP Wizard

The only viable alternative was Robusta Port Forwarder but it is discontinued

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