Bartender: sređivanje menubar-a


Bartender: sređivanje menubar-a

kakav crap. Čovek piše da zauzima 1G memorije!

Svejedno, ima alternative:

MacOS Window manager


Ovo je negde neko preporučio AppCleaner

Preporuka od korisnika za ovaj auto da je bolji od alata Handbrake. u svakom slučaju ima mnoštvo opcija. Svejedno meni se i Interface sviđa kako izgleda mnogo mi jednostavni ono Handbrake-a. Shutter Encoder encoding|converting video FREE PC|Mac

Odičan backup. Baš odličan. Ne izgleda loše ovaj GitHub - uroni/urbackup_backend: UrBackup - Client/Server Open Source Network Backup for Windows, MacOS and Linux backup pošto je kroz kroz cross-platform.

Whisper, again:

Clients: MacOS - MacWhisper je free ali ne za Medium niti Large model. License key: 7832BA4B-E03740FB-96457D40-A7B3B5F0

Windows: Const-me/Whisper: High-performance GPGPU inference of OpenAI’s Whisper automatic speech recognition (ASR) model može sve modele, baš open source

In a conversation, can Whisper differentiate between the different speakers? Usput, to se zove “speaker diarization” i već postoji varijanta koja to radi. pyannote/pyannote-audio: Neural building blocks for speaker diarization: speech activity detection, speaker change detection, overlapped speech detection, speaker embedding

ter — like a live podcast, or both sides of a meeting — you could use an app like Audio Hijack to set system audio as a virtual microphone input.

macOS’s Character Viewer Command-Control-Space kao windows Emoji Inserter

Sabroxy | A Cutting Edge Natural Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor - Nootropics Depot ̊The Unique Synergies Of Caffeine - Nootropics Depot New Tab ̊AI Engine for WordPress: ChatGPT, GPT Content Generator Violentmonkey ̊How to Use ChatGPT for Web Development ̊Power of ChatGPT for WordPress: 10+ Interesting Use Cases ̊Power of ChatGPT for WordPress: 10+ Interesting Use Cases Violentmonkey ̊Slow performance when you connect to a WebDAV shared folder in Windows 8 or Window Server 2012 - Microsoft Support ̊fstanis/awesome-webdav: A curatssed list of awesome apps that support WebDAV and tools related to it. ̊ - free file sharing and storage - Company ̊What is the best free webDAV service? - Quora ̊ - free file sharing and storage - Knowledge Base ̊4shared - My 4shared - shared folder - free file sharing and storage ̊Yandex.Disk ̊Get extra GB and other awards for taking part in promotions - Yandex.Disk. Help ̊Manage user data ̊Messages for web ̊How Can I Prevent the VBScript Code from Running? | Microsoft Learn ̊Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support ̊Move Buttons Right (MAC) Spam (1) - - Gmail ̊defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleAxisOrientation - Google Search ̊Active applications only | Dock | macOS defaults ̊defaults | Apple Developer Documentation ̊MacOS Defaults ̊dotfiles/ at master · rusty1s/dotfiles · GitHub ̊dotfiles/ at master · rusty1s/dotfiles · GitHub ̊Magnet on the Mac App Store

odlp/bluesnooze: Sleeping Mac = Bluetooth off kmikiy/SpotMenu: Spotify and iTunes in your menu bar


Menuwhere · Many Tricks

Displaperture · Many Tricks Key Codes · Many Tricks

Mount Cloud Storage as Local Drive


NetDrive mi izgleda najbolji. Mountain Duck ExpanDrive CloudMounter se može pronaći na WebDrive

Show Current App Shortcuts

Na macOS se uveliko koriste besplatan CheatSheet - Know your shortcuts koji ne radi više na novim OS od 2023 (macOS 14 Sonoma) i amiechen/pretzel: Pretzel is Mac desktop app that shows and find keyboard shortcuts based on your current app. koji davno nije update-ovan.

Na Windows i Linux je prva aplikacija koja to radi KeyCombiner Desktop ali nažalost nije besplatno.

Tu su i macOS plaćena aplikacija KeyCue using shortcuts made easy koju autor CheatSheet-a preporučuje.

macOS launchers: Spotlight, Alfred, Raycast, SOL

ospfranco/sol: MacOS launcher & command palette is aimed to be a replacement for Alfred, Spotlight and Raycast without too much configuration.

Spider Pro - the easiest way to scrape the internet

Sniffnet is a fully cross-platform application that monitors Internet traffic. It is available on GitHub and runs from the command line.

Swift Quit - Automatic App Quitting On Mac je nezamenljiva aplikacija za macOS koja automatski zatvara aplikaciju kada ona nema više otvorenih prozora.

mdfind: A Command-line Interface to macOS’s Spotlight | Meta Redux

Aptonic - Dropzone 4

Home and End keys

Home/End/PageUp/PageDown behavior has always been different on the Mac than in Windows, dating back to the 80s. Some apps (like Word) will use the Windows behavior by default. The Mac’s behavior isn’t very useful, so most people just use Command+Arrows instead.

Sve žive aplikacije vezano za Manu Bar na jednom mestu - a tu se nalazi i spisak potpuno free Free apps Archives |

Tasks in MenuBar

 Tasks and to-dos from menubar

My favorite was PreForget ali on više ne radi

12 Open-source Free Task Management Apps for macOS

Hotlist je super jednostavan i besplatan i za sada jedino rešenje koje mi radi, is a tiny daily todo list menu bar app for Mac, developed using Tauri, a lighter alternative to Electron. Proverio sam memori zauzeće i ipak nije veliko - tauri je izgleda dosta efikasan. with the capability to write custom plugins in JavaScript. Ustvari bih mogao da implementiram sinhronizaciju sa Google Tasks ili slično.

CheckMate - Checklists app for Macs - download for MacOS from, but not available in my region?

ToDoBar nije besplatan ali nije ni skup, a izgleda korektno.

Tasks and reminders-menubar by DamascenoRafael is a simple macOS menu bar application that allows you to view and interact with reminders. It is developed with SwiftUI and uses Apple Reminders as a source.

PreForget is my favorite small to-do task application for the menubar, and you can find information about it on PreForget @ It is open-source with a repository located at asj9469/PreForget. Međutim, negde krajem 2023 je prestao da radi bez razloga.

FlowNote by Yiiipu is a Mac menubar note application that can also function as tasks. However, it tries too hard and has a poorly designed interface. You can find more information in the discussion Simplest yet cleverest Mac menubar Note, designed for an uninterrupted workflow. It utilizes AI for note classification, which is actually a good idea but not well executed. I also dislike the statement “It will be open sourced after several updates” as there is no source code available.

One Thing by Sindre Sorhus allows you to display a single task or goal in your menu bar. The repository for this application is available at sindresorhus/one-thing.

Oka To Do on the Oka Apps website is not bad, but it is not open-source.m

gTasks Menubar - quickly access your Google Tasks from the menubar of your Mac! ne mogu da instaliram jer ne postoji u mom regionu.

Calendar Apps

Mowglii - Itsycal for Mac je potpuno open-source sa repo na sfsam/Itsycal: Itsycal is a tiny calendar for your Mac’s menu bar.

MeetingBar izgleda odličan open-source sa repo na leits/MeetingBar: 🇺🇦 Your meetings at your fingertips in the macOS menu bar, iako je on više odnosno kompletno fokusiran na sastanke.

Vrlo sličan prethodnom je Up Next - Productivity App for macOS je potpuno free sa repo na upnextinc/upnext: 📆 See/join meetings from the menu bar

Tweek Calendar — Minimal To Do list and Weekly Task Planner App is nice and free, but Google Calendar intergation is Premium only, Tweek - Why switch to Premium?, as usual on macOS

CLI Calendar Tools:

ekreutz/CornerCal: A simple, clean calendar and clock app for macOS.

Notes in MenuBar

Steecky - From Thought to Action in a Click all notes in Steecky are automatically saved in real-time to your local drive. The storage dynamically grows to accommodate all your data securely.

Sleep mode and Clamshell mode Control

Alat za sprečavane da ode u sleep. Clamshell mode on your MacBook allows you to keep your Mac awake when you close the lid but it only works when a power adapter is connected.

Navodim samo open-source.

Clapet is a utility that aims to improve clamshell mode on your Macbook. mbenoukaiss/clapet: Clapet is a utility that aims to improve clamshell mode on your Macbook by automatically managing sleep when an external display is detected

When an external display is detected while on battery or power adapter, the application will disable sleep so you can use your computer with the lid closed, and as soon as the external display is unplugged, sleep will be enabled again to preserve battery.

Amphetamine on the Mac App Store What is the Amphetamine App for Mac and Why You Should Use It x74353/SaveAmphetamine: Apple has threatened to remove Amphetamine from the App Store.

Toothpicks on the Mac App Store je isti autor kao Amphetamine

Memory Cleaner is a free tool, but it appears to be packaged in Electron, which is quite alarming, and it also tries too hard to upsell its other tools.

MacOS Window Manager: Lako pomeranje prozora

dmarcotte/easy-move-resize: Adds “modifier key + mouse drag” move and resize to OSX

Hummingbird — finestructure sa repo na finestructure/Hummingbird: A macOS utility that makes window management a breeze

A ovo je za opciju “Always on top” rwu823/afloat: Always on top solution, quickly install Afloat in macOS

List of Apple Silicon Apps

List of apps running natively on Apple Silicon Macs — RoaringApps

Objective-See Foundation has an exceptional collection of macOS applications focused on privacy and security, and they are all available on the objective-see (Objective-See Foundation) repository. The list of tools is available on the Tools page, and it includes a free, open-source firewall [LuLu](

Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo je i Macos i Windows, a za svaki je lifetime licenca $69.99. App pravi Serif (Europe) Ltd je iskusna osnovana još 1987. Serif employs around 90 people at its HQ in Nottingham, UK. Smatra se najboljom Photoshop alternativom, interfejs je sličan a online ima mnoštvo manuala.

Pixelmator Pro. Both pixel and vector. Open and edit Photoshop images with layers ali ako sam shvatio, Pixelmator Pro doesn’t allow you to work in CMYK.

Luminar Neo has a monthly subscription, but it is notable for its extensive AI capabilities and I believe it was the first to embark in that direction.

Acorn 7 Radiant ima i desktop ali i iOS aplikacije.

Izvor: Take Better Photos je channel koji se bavi ovakvim aplikacijama.

Corel Alternatives

Affinity Designer Amadine košta samo 30$ i treba proveriti kako radi.

Linearity Curve, such as Vectornator, is a desktop tool similar to Canvas, developed by Linearity GmbH, a Berlin-based company with 80 employees. Notable features include Background Removal and Auto Trace. In fact, everything is free when you work alone, as the paid aspects are focused on collaboration and some AI capabilities. The Pro plans were only introduced at the end of 2023. Linearity Curve is a static design tool, and they are announcing Linearity Move for motion design. All templates can be viewed here: Linearity Templates.

macOS Cable-Free Audio Routing

Audio Router, Virtual Audio Cable

ExistentialAudio/BlackHole: BlackHole is a modern macOS audio loopback driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency.

Free VB-Audio Virtual Apps i neki drugi nestvarno dobri audio toolovi, iako nije open-source, ali mi ne smeta.

mattingalls/Soundflower: MacOS system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower works on macOS Catalina. seems abandoned

Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing is not free.

Ali mogu da capterujem i na mac uz OBS ali na malo drugačiji način.

Screenshot & Video Capture

Shottr: The Ultimate macOS Screenshot App for Those Who Care About Pixels Gerry - Super simple screen recording open-source at jacobbrunson/gerry: Super simple screen capture tool for Mac. with crop and mp4/gif support.

eul: A Free and Open Source Mac System Monitor CotEditor: An open source plain-text editor for macOS

Package Managers

Homebrew — The Missing Package Manager for macOS (or Linux) ̊macports/macports-ports: The MacPorts ports tree Fink - Home

andrewn/brew-services-menubar: An OS X menu item for starting and stopping homebrew services

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