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Concider switching to Hestia


ISPConfig is a secure solution that I have been using for years, despite its complexity. I am familiar with it and can control it well. Jedini realan competitor da promenim je sada postala Hestia, jer je na TinyCP bio ok dok they hadn’t messed up so badly with the “new version” which makes them very unreliable.

Also supports Softaculous auto installer, if needed.


CyberPanel is an excellent panel with OpenLiteSpeed that allows you to host an unlimited number of domains at no cost. Instructions for installation can be found at their site and a very helpful guide for setting up CyberPanel on Hetzner Cloud can be found in this video.


The TinyCP control panel is lightweight and fast, and it supports both Apache and NGINX servers. Everything looks great and fast, but unfortunately, it seems that this project is going to be abandoned: The project is abandoned?. Although they are actively developing a new version, according to Roadmap, they do not plan to evolve the current version of TinyCP. Until the release of the new version, this one will remain free. It’s a shame. But if you want to install it, you can follow the instructions on Hetzner Community article.

Hestia Control Panel

The Hestia Control Panel looks great, and it comes with many features, even though it may not have a lot of options. It supports everything you might need. To install it, follow the instructions on How to install the Hestia webserver control panel. The Hestia Control Panel’s repository can be found at hestiacp/hestiacp, which is a lightweight and powerful control panel for the modern web.

HestiaCP is a fork of VestaCP. Poseduje i “Quick Install App” sa napoznatijim PHP paketima.

Nginx FastCGI Cache out of the box with nice plugin jakobbouchard/hestia-nginx-cache: Hestia Nginx Cache Integration for WordPress..

Ceo projekat se vrlo aktivno razvija i unapređuje.

Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel has Softaculous auto installer included i po meni uopšte nije loš iako je ipak HestiaCP a better choice.


The aaPanel is mostly written in Python but has everything you need, including NGINX and other components. It is made by a Chinese company, so it should be reliable to exist in the future. You can find the aaPanel repository at aaPanel/aaPanel, and instructions for installation can be found on A simple installation guide for aaPanel.


The CloudPanel looks somewhat too simple for my taste, but I could be wrong. You can follow the instructions on How To Install CloudPanel on Debian 10 to install it. Ustvari, odličan je i besplatan je! Podržava sve claud providere i lepo objašnjeno baš u njihovom docs: Getting Started | CloudPanel | Documentation. Pogrešio sam oko “too simple” pošto ima sve out of the box i to baš lepo raspoređeno, a od naprednih stvari ima i out-of-the-boy na primer Varnish Cache

CloudPanel Install on Hetzner with WordPress Setup


WordOps - High performance WordPress stack with a few keystrokes was forked from EasyEngine v3 How to Host WordPress with WordOps For High Performance


Optimized NGINX Web Server » at repo QROkes/webinoly: Optimized LEMP Web Server to manage your WordPress, PHP, or simple HTML sites running on a powerful NGINX setup. s


pratio sam ovo uopšteno: How to setup Hestia panel on Oracle Cloud Free Tier | JoshWP Inače, video tu je drugom polovinom super za podešavanje SMTP-a.

Neke od interesantnih komandi na Hestia:

v-change-sys-port 2083 (jasno) v-change-sys-hostname (jasno) v-add-letsencrypt-host (za dodavanje SSL-a za sam control panel)

Kako napraviti prilagođeni Hestia install?

Lightest possible setup for wordpress website - Community Support - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse

or by version


sudo bash –port ‘22999’ –lang ’en’ –hostname ‘’ –email ‘’ –password ‘xXiMqCcceez8’ –apache no –phpfpm yes –multiphp yes –vsftpd yes –proftpd no –named no –mariadb yes –mysql8 no –postgresql yes –exim yes –dovecot no –sieve no –clamav no –spamassassin yes –iptables yes –fail2ban yes –quota no –api yes –interactive yes –force no

Postoji configure URL za Hestia install - Install string generator: Install | Hestia Control Panel i tu treba isključiti Apache definitivno.

odnosno ovde je lepo objašnjeno i testirano: Optimize HestiaCP for speed and fast WordPress – Random IT Hacks

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