Custom Post Types and Custom taxonomies

Custom Post Types and Custom taxonomies

Probably the best way is to use the help of code generators and manually enter PHP. example

or maybe the best way is to use class libraries like johnbillion/extended-cpts by respected author. For example, you can register a post type or taxonomy in one line.


In order of first-look quality:

Very extensive plugins:

This is a beautifull plugin, but not sure if it’s exactly for the sam purpose: CPT-onomies: Using Custom Post Types as Taxonomies

Poorly designed & disqualified plugins

These plugins are NOT even aware of already existing Custom Post types:

Converting Post Types and Taxonomies

This is

Hierarchy plugin will solve a problem of editing and entering Custom Post Type data.

Notes on some values

  • Show in REST API must be true to enable Gutenberg editor

Abandoned: wpmudev/custompress

aurooba/cpt: Quickly register custom post types and associated taxonomies with intelligent defaults in your WordPress projects.

Fastest way to create new custom post type is:

wp scaffold post-type “press-release” –label=“Press Release” –plugin=_customize

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