SocketStream + Ember.js jeshuaborges/socketstream-ember-demo · GitHub :: mkarliner/EmberTest · GitHub :: socketstream/doc/guide/en/ at master · socketstream/socketstream

I think I’ve just seen what’s going to kill Rails. It’s called SocketStream. Working well with all major client-side frameworks (e.g. Backbone, Ember, Angular) :: SocketStream - a fast, modular Node.js web framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps :: SocketStream launches new way for web apps - Update - The H Open: News and Features :: Building Real-time CoffeeScript Web Applications With SocketStream

Works great with Ember.js for ‘reactive templates’ which automatically update when data changes!

Optionally use Redis for fast session retrieval, pub/sub, list of users online, and any other data your app needs instantly And a lot of great things.

Socket.IO » Socket.IO: the cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps. Scaling: :: ajax - How can I scale - Stack Overflow Socket.IO-PubSub: Redis + Socket.IO

SockJS: » sockjs/sockjs-client aaronblohowiak/Push-It · GitHub

Authentication is auto-magically supported by SocketStream. In our case, we don't really need strong authentication,
just to know how many people are connected, so we just assign a random number to each client, SocketStream will
send a heartbeat from time to time and kill the non-responding clients after some time. :: socketstream/doc/guide/en/ at master · socketstream/socketstream

But it's not working anymore!topic/socketstream/n36mUAD6FLc :: List of Online Users - Google Groups :: mattfredwill/ss-heartbeat-responder

SS has live reload feature - after changes to /client files:!topic/socketstream/Ky5lmkwLjFM :: SocketStream 0.3 alpha4 released - the return of The Console and Live Reload - Google Groups :: Tikibooth | Playing around with SocketStream -- Fun from '98, the 2011 way

Tutorials :: addyosmani/socketchat » jslatts/nodechat-tutorial » Getting your feet wet with node.js and - Part 1 - Adam Coffman » Simple chat with Node.js and websockets - Node Tuts - Node.js Free screencast tutorials

Unit testing :: Using sinon.js to stub net.Socket and SocketStream pub/sub — Gist

Demo server app where they pipe the websocket to another socket that goes to RabbitMQ... essentially the same idea I'm trying to accomplish. :: rabbit.js/example/sockjs/server.js at master · squaremo/rabbit.js


Pub/Sub Events :: socketstream/doc/guide/en/ at master · socketstream/socketstream

Problem: multiplexing channels of Redis publish transport :: Issue #236: Redis PubSub vs Multiplexed Firehose · socketstream/socketstream!topic/socketstream/96iz6TIQLWI :: redis pubsub channel multiplexing - Google Groups

How to scale? ZeroMQ, :: Keeping It Realtime Conference - Intro to Socketstream (Owen Barnes) on Vimeo

Can outsource message layer: :: Pusher | HTML5 WebSocket Powered Realtime Messaging Service

Articles :: DailyJS: Code Review: SocketStream

Application boilerplates (authentication, etc) :: davisford/daisycentral · GitHub :: polidore/ss-angular · GitHub

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