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Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

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How to Use the New Canvas Plugin in Obsidian | by Ric Raftis | Dec, 2022 | Medium

In Dec 2022, Obsidian Canvas, Obsidian Canvas, Logseq Whiteboards, etc predstavljaju neki infinite space for your ideas, kao da je to baš bitno.

Guy shifted from Logseq to Obsidian over the last couple of weeks. One of my reasons for doing so is that while Logseq does technically store your notes as local markdown files, there’s so much added on top of that, that I can’t really open my notes folder in Typora/[markdown editor of choice] and have a smooth experience reading my notes. The underlying format might be open, but there was still lock-in. Obsidian seems much better for that - there’ll always be a tradeoff between features and portability, but I do prefer Obsidian’s balance.

Ukratko: Obsidian is better than Logseq due to limitations in accessing notes as plain markdown files in Logseq.

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