Dating Chat / Doing a Research

Dating Chat / Doing a Research

Chat with great design: The most beautiful one is: jappix/jappix :: endtwist/AjaxIM · GitHub :: 8 Free Open Source Chat Application Based Ajax | Blogupstairs

Should be ready for future Chat Groups feature. So, an owner of the chat must be known. It’s a user that initiated a chat, and if he leaves a conversation, the following users… » javascript - Server-Sent Events on Node.JS - Stack Overflow


WebSockets » Real-Time Web Technologies Guide | Phil Leggetter - Real-Time Web Software and Technology Evangelist » Reverse Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Comet » Comet and PHP, some followup | King Foo web development » HTML5 Server-Push Technologies, Part 1 |

HTML5 WebSockets » WebSocket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia » | The Benefits of WebSocket » When can I use… Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Two new HTML5 communication standards, Server-Sent Events and WebSockets » html5 - WebSockets vs. Server-Sent events/EventSource - Stack Overflow

Server-Sent Events (SSE / EventSource) » EventSource HQ - Server Sent Events Made Easy » eshq/chat :: Stream Updates with Server-Sent Events - HTML5 Rocks


Java » Using Atmosphere’s JQuery Plug In to build applications supporting both Websocket and Comet « 6312 » Welcome to CometD Project @ The Dojo Foundation |

PHP » React » Ratchet - WebSockets for PHP » phpwebsocket - PHP and WebSockets - Google Project Hosting » WaterSpout - PHP | Binpress

Ruby » Cramp - Asynchronous framework for the web

Other technologies

node.js / socket libraries


Faye » Faye: Simple pub/sub messaging for the web :: publish subscribe - Faye or Redis Pubsub - Stack Overflow Redis pubsub as backend engine: :: faye/faye-redis-node

Faye and Redis pub/sub do very similar things (Faye can use Redis as a back-end). Redis is appropriate for inter-process messaging within your server cluster (Redis client will get access to your whole Redis database).

Faye is more appropriate if you want to provide a publicly accessible pub/sub service over the web, for example to power the UI for your website. It only does pub/sub, not any other storage like Redis provides, and works over HTTP and WebSocket rather than over a raw TCP socket. It also allows for user-defined client- and server-side extensions to expand the messaging protocol it uses. :: publish subscribe - Faye or Redis Pubsub - Stack Overflow

SocketStream is an application framework designed around websockets as primary data transfer medium. Faye is just a library for doing pub/sub messaging, that also happens to use bi-directional sockets. SocketStream may provide functionality similar to Faye, but its scope is much broader, covering a range of other concerns for application development. :: websocket - Faye vs. Socket.IO (and Juggernaut) - Stack Overflow


Redis publish/subscribe is a very simple system for internal use in a server cluster - it requires an open connection to redis (unauthenticated and giving complete access to everything in redis). » Node.js and Redis Pub-Sub - How To Node - NodeJS

Connect a Redis PubSub channel to a websockets channel using Node.js :: mnutt/redis-pubsub-to-websockets :: aaronblohowiak/Push-It · GitHub


A query based client/server publish subscribe protocol built on node.js. :: And a chat example: pubsubio/chat · GitHub







Final decision :: OneBar beta: a simple XMPP web chat client for hosted.IM - ProcessOne


Abandoned Ajax web jabber client ijab

Quite cute full-blown system (node, Mongo): general - Wompt Entire source code behind

shapeshed/ · GitHub

willian/faye_chat_example · GitHub

kerphi/phpfreechat · GitHub

balupton/nodechat.docpad · GitHub

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