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NUM is the new LAMP :: Node.js, Unix based OS and MongoDB (NUM) are the new LAMP

Getting Started

Getting Started with Node.js, Coffeescript, MongoDB, and more - Matt Kopala

About: » javascript - How do I get started with Node.js - Stack Overflow » How To Node - NodeJS » Choosing between Node.js and Erlang (when you know neither) - Stack Overflow » Node.js is genuinely exciting » A Gentle Introduction to Node.js - MrJaba’s Adventures » Spotlight – Recommend Node.js Projects For January

Javascript Style Guide: » JavaScript Style Guides And Beautifiers

Frameworks: » Flatiron, A framework for Node.js

Simple Command Processing: » technosophos/Pronto.js

Skeptics: Node and Scaling in the Small vs Scaling in the Large If you’re using Node.js, you’re doing life wrong

Great tools: :: DTrejo/run.js · GitHub

Express.js (Connect.js) :: Express.js Tutorial

Express is preferred because it adds dead simple routing and support for Connect middleware, allowing many extensions and useful features.
It's easy to transition to Express from something like Sinatra (similar framework for Ruby) :: (1) Why should I use Express when developing a web app with Node.js? - Quora

vs Ruby :: Express vs Sinatra Benchmarks - TJ Holowaychuk

Real life problems :: node.JS how to create and read session with express - Stack Overflow

Background Jobs Queues

In node.js :: (1) Node.js: What the best way to have delayed job/queue with node.js ? - Quora

Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later :: technoweenie/coffee-resque · GitHub

Kue is a priority job queue backed by redis, built for node.js. :: LearnBoost/kue

Interesting: Build Desktop Applications: :: AppJS

Unit Testing JS

List of test frameworks, none of which are endorsed more than the other. :: QUnit :: introduction.js » Sinon.JS - Versatile standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript » Welcome! Buster.JS is... :: Vows « Asynchronous BDD for Node :: Mocha - the fun, simple, flexible JavaScript test framework » Hiro - third-party JavaScript applications testing framework » js-test-driver - Remote javascript console - Google Project Hosting


Series of examples using Node.JS to scrape websites :: lukemerrett/nodejs-datamining-examples · GitHub

Woow: :: The Awesome Node.js And Its Gang :: Modules · joyent/node Wiki · GitHub

Node.js on Windows

“c:\Program Files\nodejs\nodejsvars.bat”

set PATH=%APPDATA%\npm;%ProgramFiles%\nodejs;%PATH% setx path “%PATH%” /m

Integrating Node.js with PHP / Apache

Nginx, php-fpm and node.js install on Centos 5.5 « Mixu’s tech blog davidcoallier/node-php

A full-featured proxy for node.js Node-http-proxy Bouncy And, it should be fairly easy to write your own.

CMS in node.js

  • The Ghost is ideal - impressive. All the best selections of tools. Powered by the Express framework, ships with SQLite but everything is connected through JugglingDB ORM. Available via NPM, theming done with Handlebars, international translations from the word go using Node Polyglot.js

    JugglingDB ORM: currently supported db formats are: mysql, sqlite3, postgres, couchdb, mongodb, redis, neo4j and in-memory-storage. JugglingDB also works on client-side (using WebService and Memory adapters), which allow to write rich client-side apps talking to server using JSON API.

  • Apostrophe (version 2) looks amazing! Specially editing on screen. This is in my opinion, the future of small sites.

  • Scotch is also nice.

  • DocPad looks really well. Really interesting chat is build with it.

  • Poet is nice. I really do like it. More than static generators. Or not?

  • The ones that stalled, slowed down or not maintained anymore: Calipso, Nodize.

Node.js Frameworks


Geddy | The original MVC Web framework for Node A simple, structured web framework for Node


This is the simplest way to install latest node.js and npm on Ubuntu 20.04

tj/n: Node version management

# will also install node.js
apt install npm 

npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n
n latest

# relogin now

# update to latest npm
npm install -g npm
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