Plugins: User Management

Plugins: User Management

Plugins: User Role Management

Those settings are saved to the database, so it is not slowing down your Wordpress as a whole. It is perfectly safe to use a plugin for this.

  • Advanced Access Manager (AAM) has all the role options plus GUI options on the administrator side. It is my favorite. Nevertheless, even this plugin failed enabling unfiltered_html saying: Failed to grand capability - WordPress policy.

    Sometimes, when you need just the basic stuff, it is little too overwhelming.

  • Members plugin is developed by core WordPress contributor Justin Tadlock, works perfectly, but doesn’t support unfiltered_html in WPMU without changes in code.

  • User Role Editor has unfiltered_html on multisite only in paid version, and in free version works with code changes in the theme.

  • User Role by BestWebSoft has multisite support only in paid version

  • WPFront User Role Editor has multisite support only in paid version.

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Plugin: Approve New User Registration

8 Best WordPress User Registration Admin Approval Plugins 2022

Feature really for free:

  • New User Approve Last proper version from original author Josh Harrison (picklewagon), before it was sold to some company, was 1.8, but is unmaintained from then: wpexpertsio/new-user-approve

    In the current version 2.4.1 most functionalities are still there, but the plugin has been converted into a “colorful advertising machine”. Free version is crippled in a way that you must use the plugin hooks to customize the emails and error messages because there is no UI for that. However, the new version looks so ugly that it is pointless to put it on.

  • User Verification, documentation here
    Not exactly “admin approval” but nonetheless nice advanced plugin with lots of options to prevent SPAM. Users are self-verified by sending confirmation link to them.

  • WP Approve User by Konstantin Obenland
    Source code obenland/wp-approve-user and support threads

    A very ascetic plugin that does what it is written for. The problem with this plugin is that it does not have a detailed setting to whom an email is sent, and the email itself is only sent in plain text format. This fork branch 3.1 has the latest changes and FR translation: helgatheviking/wp-approve-user at 3.1

    To add missing admin notification, consult this

No need to work on email HTML design as there are separate plugins for this purpose.

Unfiltered HTML permission on multi-site

The unfiltered_html permission prevents users from using tags such as <iframe> and <embed>, plus also more advanced code such as Javascript.

Note: In WordPress Multisite, only Super Admins have the unfiltered_html capability.

function map_meta_cap() at the capabilities.php always returns ‘do_not_allow’ for the ‘unfiltered_html’ if you are not the superadmin in the multi-site environment.

So you can always do this:

To translate: remove_filter('the_content', 'wp_filter_post_kses'); in theme should do the trick. But better yet: kses_remove_filters(); as seen: or

But, I don’t think it is NOT a proper thing to do. But it is easier.

Or just use the official Automattic plugin for that: Unfiltered MU

With any plugin you still need to…

/* Add the unfiltered_html capability back in to WordPress multisite */

add_filter( 'map_meta_cap', function($caps, $cap, $user_id, $args) {
  if ( $cap == 'unfiltered_html' ) { unset( $caps ); $caps[] = $cap; }
  return $caps;
}, 10, 4 );

Show some additional info in

  • LH Login Logger will add extra columns in users list-view: date of the last login and number of times each user has logged in.
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