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AI » Image Tools » Midjourney

style prompts, prompt design styles

Midjourney has introduced Style Tuner, which is a significantly improved “seed” parameter.

How to generate text in Midjourney

Good ways to create text within AI-generated images in Midjourney are described in the article about the new Midjourney V6.

Video Generate TEXT in Midjourney V6 explains text generation that has become easier, but you can almost change letters in the text, as explained in the video The NEW Way to Create Text in Midjourney. This is done using “Vary (Region)” after “Upscale” and the prompt is: the letter 'U' --style raw --ar 16:9, and so on, letter by letter.

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Midjourney Hacks methexis-inc/img2prompt – Run with an API on Replicate Midjourney v5 Photographers Reference Sheet

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