backbone.js :: Backbone.js Tutorials Backbone is a minimalist framework that builds on top of ideas from jQuery to give some structure to web applications.

Backbone doesn’t know anything about generating HTML, templating engines or anything along those lines. Ember, on the other-hand, comes with Handlebars out of the box

Backbone is a library, not a framework. Underscore.js: needed for Backbone.js, a small set of utils.

Similar to Ember.js: Using Backbone for quite a while and recently started to use Chaplin – it builds on top of Backbone and together with Brunch provides/mandates file layouts and makes some nice architectural decisions. Quite happy with this setup so far.

Comparing file sizes eg. of Ember and Backbone is unfair. If you want to compare Ember and Backbone, you have to compare Ember and Underscore+Backbone+Handlebars. Backbone can’t work without Underscore and Handlebars is included in Ember.

Backbone gives you so much rope to hang yourself with, and with so little sense of how things should properly fit together, that it’s like wandering around a desert for days on end with a noose on your neck, until you fall into a deep enough hole and die. :: This is an excellent tutorial. It’s also an excellent lesson in why you should s… | Hacker News :: writings/published/ at master · kjbekkelund/writings · GitHub

CoffeeScript + Stylus + Handlebars as app languages: :: paulmillr/brunch-with-chaplin · GitHub

Docs :: Backbone.js Training - A Multi-Day, Hands-On, Training Class :: (1) What are some good resources for Backbone.js? - Quora :: Developing Backbone.js Applications - :: Hello Backbone.js Tutorial :: Exploring Backbone: Part 1 | Blog :: The JavaScript Playground,-blog-posts-and-example-sites :: Tutorials, blog posts and example sites · documentcloud/backbone Wiki

Chat examples using backbone.js x

Boilerplates A set of best practices and utilities for building Backbone.js applications. :: tbranyen/backbone-boilerplate :: derickbailey/backbone.marionette

PHP Connection :: json - A RESTful persistence solution usable with backbone.js… in PHP? - Stack Overflow

Compared to AngularJS:

Hence whereas Backbone and Ember support observers which can monitor changes to real time data models,
I wasn't instantly able to see how the same could be done in Angular.!topic/socketstream/yc_F8wHQh3c :: Getting started with SocketStream and Ember - Google Groups

Learning articles: Opperator Blog : Backbone.js: Sessions and Authentication Re-using Backbone.js Models on the server with Node.js and to build real-time apps | &yet | the blog Backbone.js apps with Authentication Tutorial | Clint Berry

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