CoffeScript / Different JS

CoffeScript / Different JS

At the start, I thought it’s just about syntax. But it is, and is more. Because, as it turns out, Javascript is object-oriented, but in his wierd-functional-syntax way. Coffeescript aims to solve this, by presenting new keywords like “class”. :: Js2coffee: convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript :: Smooth CoffeeScript :: The Little Book on CoffeeScript

Sublime Text 2 / Build system for CoffeScript :: Sublime Text Build Scripts: CoffeeScript & Node.js | Wes Bos :: Compiling CoffeeScript from Sublime Text 2 :: CoffeeScript with Sublime Text « Sönke Rohde :: we are all robots — adding extra CoffeeScript goodies to Sublime Text 2

Plugins: :: Xavura/CoffeeScript-Sublime-Plugin :: surjikal/sublime-coffee-compile

CoffeeScript Compiler in Windows (coffee.exe) > :: CoffeeSharp - CoffeeScript compilation for Windows :: alisey/CoffeeScript-Compiler-for-Windows

Coff npm install -g coffee-script

nibblebot/sublime-js2coffee Building CoffeeScript with Sublime on Windows - Kevin Pelgrims

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