k8s Meetup Group

k8s Meetup Group

How to start and organize a Kubernetes meetup | Opensource.com

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kubernetes slack group - Google Search

Belgium Kubernetes Meetup (Brussels, Belgium) | Meetup Kubernetes Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) | Meetup Join Stockholm k8s and CNCF on Slack - Community Inviter

Setup basic things

  1. Setup Slack

  2. Setup Slack Invite

  3. Set default channels for new members

  4. Setup welcome messages.

  5. Setup Google form

Slack Invite Robot

  • Community Inviter is for auto invitations for Slack Good comments are on Product Hunt
  • LaunchPass is also to charge for access to Slack community, but supports free access for free. It doesn’t work, probably abandoned.
  • InviteRobot is to monetize your Slack communities and make them billable.

Invite robot apps (Heroku, etc)

Slack Welcome message

I could host it by myself, as explained here: (Sending a notification to new users) or you can use free GreetBot or Janitr, for example. Explained: Welcome new employees to your team

Website & custom domain?

I don’t think I need a domain, at all. Primary reasons to own one is to copy of Slack communication on public space, for SEO purposes.

But if needed, the domain pricing was:

k8s-belgrade.org ($11.31/yr) k8s-belgrade.com ($8.5/y)

Rebrandly URL shortener also supports custom domains, for free.

Meetup Group

Description of myself:

Senior level manager with 20 years of experience in strategic and operational roles with significant achievements in revenue growth, profitability and organizational development of IT companies. Software engineer with wide technical knowledge; managed advanced IT solutions as a team leader, member or as a consultant, with a focus on achieving goals and deadlines.

Examples of other Meetup Groups

Wordpress Srbija

WordPress Serbia je glavna i centralizovana grupa WordPress zajednice u Srbiji.

Ukoliko želite da podelite svoje iskustvo, imate interesantnu ideju prijavite se kao predavač. Primer: Google Form

JS Belgrade

JS Belgrade is JavaScript User Group from Belgrade. Our goal is to connect Belgrade’s JavaScript community through monthly meetups.

More info on our website: www.jsbelgrade.org.

If you want to talk on JS Belgrade Meetup you can submit talk proposal here: www.jsbelgrade.org/teme/

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