Workflow: Time-Tracking

Workflow: Time-Tracking

These tools are referred to as “Time and Attendance Systems” and are designed to help organizations manage and track employee time and monitor productivity. Here I have compiled the collection of tools for time management, monitoring employee productivity, tracking time, etc.

Employee Monitoring

Screenshot Monitor will keep your team in check by allowing you to get a glimpse into your team’s productivity using remote screenshot capabilities.

Another tool with a little extra is Hubstaff. This time tracking software not only provides screenshots and activity levels, but also boasts a super cool Trello integration. It’s so good, it’s almost spooky!

Worksnaps is another similar option to consider.

Time Tracking

It’s obvious that the competition is heating up here since there are now a lot of companies offering their product for free for individuals or small teams. I believe Clockify has successfully pressured them into doing this with their business concept.


Clockify is really, honestly free forever - it’s free and always will be, with non-essential optional paid features that won’t break the bank. It integrates seamlessly with all your favorite web tools, plus it has an Android app. It’s what Toggl used to be before they started getting pricey.

As of 2019, Clockify is my top pick for time tracking and it’s the one I use, not Toggl. And now can easily be installed with winget install -e --id Clockify.Clockify

Kimai: A Timeless Treasure

Kimai is a tool that I used way back in 2006 and I still think it’s the only viable self-hosted option out there. Definitely sincere open-source, it has become quite the capable tool. Now it has Chrome & Android apps and I gotta admit, it’s evolved into a really usable product that supports things like invoices and timesheets. It is still a true open-source and self-hosted project and if it weren’t for Clockify as a Balkan company, I’d probably would be using Kimai.

Toggl Time Tracking

Toggl has very nice support for teams, free for up to 5 users. I am writing down a couple of tricks:

  • There is an Activity info in a Team Dashboard, where are active users marked in white, and recent active users in gray.

  • Toggl Desktop application supports activity tracking. It is totally private function, and is saved only for last 9 days. You can see your results by following this post.

Other Capable Alternatives

There is also the list of time tracking solutions for Trello. I specially like the Pomodoro Timer for Trello.

Pomodoro Timers

Are you looking for a perfect Pomodoro timer? Check out some of these gems that have been crafted with precision.


Hourglass is a simply gorgeous tool made by an author who creates perfectionist little gems. And a Pomodoro timer should be just that, small first and foremost. Both Scoop and Winget install and it’s still the most efficient.

Intentio or Sentio

You might fall in love with JakubGluszek/intentio: A pomodoro timer desktop application., written in Rust. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing, but it promises big things and is only 15M size. Install and uninstall with:

wget -O Sentio.msi ; msiexec /i Sentio.msi /passive

# uninstall with
msiexec /x Sentio.msi /passive


ayoisaiah/focus is a command-line Pomodoro timer written in Go and it’s sure to take your breath away. To install via Scoop, you’ll need to follow the instructions here: scoop bucket add ayoisaiah-scoop-bucket ; scoop install focus. It’s very decent and places notifications in the Windows UI, just like it should, but it’s 11M size.


YAPA 2 | YetAnotherPomodoroApp/YAPA-2 is C++ and around 12M size, but it’s not so well done visually. Just download and run without installation with: wget -O YAPA2.exe ; .\YAPA2.exe. It will automatically “sneak” its way into your system, so you’ll need to remove it via the standard Windows “Add or Remove Programs.”


Pomofocus is a web application that looks great. It can be installed as an Electron desktop application, but I’d skip that. Finally, one with a ticking sound and it connects to Todoist. It even supports a free login, so it stores tasks and more. All things considered, it’s really great.


Splode/pomotroid looks decent and although it’s Electron, it’s not huge but it is “heavy”. Install with winget install -e --id splode.pomotroid. If I didn’t have such good alternatives, I might have installed it.


Pomatez | roldanjr/pomatez looks impeccable, modern, gorgeous and more, and has a ton of options, even a small task list. But for such a small tool, 200M app size is too much. Thank you Electron. It doesn’t install via Scoop, but it’s available on Winget.

The Notable Others

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