Plugin: Control Plugin Updates

Plugin: Control Plugin Updates

Easy Updates Manager is nicest for controlling the update process

Global WP Update Control

Plugin Update and Auto-update feature has come a long way in WordPress core, but there is still room for improvement. What particularly bothers me is how often the admin area becomes slow due to the numerous remote API calls for checking for new plugin versions. I need to have more control and prevent such a high amount of outgoing HTTP requests.

Easy Updates Manager je detailed configuration system for updating WP and it’s plugins. Very well written, and therefore my winner, ali sad potpuno nepotreban pošto je skoro iste stvari uveo WordPress u core. Mislim da pojedinačna kontrola Plugin updates postoji, ali većina interesantinh mogućnosti je u plaćenoj Pro verziji.

Disable and Hide Updates

It might sound weird, but this is really important after the site is delivered to the client. They usually get confused by a lot of notifications about new plugins, so it’s better to not show anything so they think everything is perfect.

For now, my favourite plugins are the first two - I haven’t decided which one yet.

Disable All WordPress Updates (20K users) completely disables the theme, plugin, and core update checking system, and prevents any notifications from appearing. As it dramatically reduces the number of remote API requests, it also speeds up the overall performance of the admin area. In order to update anything, you will need to temporarily deactivate this plugin. While some people may find that feature useful, I personally don’t like the fact that it displays a small red indicator in the Admin Bar. It’s unreal how fast the admin has become - to the point where the small indicator in the admin bar doesn’t bother me at all now.

Sa druge strane, prilikom logina mi nešto se sporo logujem kada je plugin aktivan.

The Hide Updates plugin (used by 5K users) speeds up admin tasks by blocking requests, not just notifications. Unlike other plugins, this one allows for specific user configuration through a particular hook. By default, the first registered user or the one who installed the site will see the plugin, and no one else will receive update notifications.

Disable Updates by Johan van der Wijk (10K users) does the exact same thing as the previous plugin, “Disable All WordPress Updates”, in the very similar way. One advantage of this plugin is that it completely removes the “Updates” menu item from the Admin menu and there’s no indication that the plugin is active. After checking, I found out that the update is still executes update checks, it just doesn’t show results, so in fact the admin is not speeding up, which disqualifies this plugin as a viable solution.

There are other similar plugins available, but they are less popular and may not be as necessary.

WP Disables Updates: Disable plugins / themes updates radi očekivano a možeš da odabereš šta od wp segment update želiš da isključiš a šta da ostaviš, ali ne i po pojedinačnim pluginovima, tako da je za mene ipak nezamnimljiv.

Technical notes regarding update checks

I need to remind myself that “Disable update notification” is not the same as “Disable update check (HTTP request)”. The related hooks that are associated with these two different operations are:

  • site_transient_update_plugins for “disable update notification”
  • pre_http_request is ideal but also http_request_args which is on a higher level, both for “disable update check”

Very common problem for admin speed is that the system is dialing out to other servers, that are sometimes very slow. A custom solution is to intercept pre_http_request and filter by URL if you want to block something specific.

On some projects I had incredibly slow update servers for the paid plugin “Vendidero” and the only solution was to block all API calls that went to their servers. And that speeded up the Admin, drastically.

Read more about this here and here.

Update Control for Single Plugin

Block Plugin Update is very straightforward and easy plugin for blocking updates of specific plugins, does what it is supposed to do, ali ima odvratan UI a i mislim da ne koristi pravilan hook - on koristi http_request_args pa onda analizira upite ka što mi sve nekako izgleda tupavo.

“Enhanced Plugin Admin” takođe poseduje opciju da se ugasi notifikacija za pojedinačni plugin ali poseduje još mnogo toga što ti možda nije ni potrebno.

Za update control za pojedinačni plugin možeš da jednostavno koristiš i “Hide Plugins” plugin.

Webcraftic Updates Manager: Disable updates, Updates manager, Disable automatic updates poseduje sva živa podešavanja ali ih je dosta u Pro verziji koju šareno i napadno reklamiraju, iako je disable-update per plugin uključeno u Free verziji. Takođe, mnoga podešavanja koja poseduje se sada nalaze u core-u, mislim na “Enable auto-updates” per plugin.

Lock Your Updates Plugins/Themes Manager is if you really need update locking, this can be a plugin for you. Don’t forget that there are much better designed plugin UI for that and it’s really only very basic.

Update Blocker for plugins: rarst/update-blocker by a well respected author ali se konfiguracija radi isključivo kroz PHP hook kod.

Plugin Protector je povučen ali mislim da je radio isto to.

Disable Update on one plugin

Napravio sam svoj plugin koji to radi elegantno.

Dobra diskusija vezano za hook site_transient_update_plugins je na WP Updates for own plugin: site_transient_plugin in a long loop |

How to Disable Specific WordPress Plugin Updates Using Code – Krasen Slavov korisi taj hook.

Plugin “plugins/block-specific-plugin-updates/” koristi hook ‘http_request_args’, ali tu imaš hardcoded URL koji treba da blokiraš, pa mi to rešenje ne izgleda vrlo korisno.

Disable Automatic Updates for Plugins and Themes nije isti problem, i ovaj se bavi automatskim-update i zato koristi hook auto_update_plugin. Napomena da taj hook uopšte ne sprečava WP from visiting the update endpoints using the HTTP API, tako da ustvari samo ne izvršava update ali ne ubrzava admin.

Plugin Updates

Hide Plugins Update Message Rarst/update-blocker: Lightweight generic blocker of updates from official WordPress repositories. Hide Plugins Easy Updates Manager Block Plugin Update

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