Realtime JS Frameworks

Realtime JS Frameworks

Woow: Brain Dump of Real Time Web(RTW) and WebSocket

One thing I know we can all agree on is that realtime web apps are the future and the only way we will be developing web apps within a few years time.

Same or shared code and variables on server and client. For that, we need a same language. So, node.js is the only solution. :: Building The Next SoundCloud - SoundCloud Backstage SoundCloud Backstage :: Choosing a web application framework (using Node.js) - Stack Overflow :: Node.js Frameworks Comparison - WorkFlowy :: Tower.js vs. Flatiron vs. SocketStream vs. Derby –

Meteor.js Framework

He compares Meteor to JBoss, a company that sold to Red Hat in 2006 for $420 million :: Andreessen Horowitz Keeps Eating The Software World With $11.2 Million Investment In JavaScript Framework Company Meteor | TechCrunch

Author of SocketStream:

As many of you know, Meteor (, a new realtime web framework was released yesterday. I am taking the time
to comment about it here as I believe it is the first real 'competitor' to SocketStream.

Models are currently the greatest reason to use Meteor instead of SocketStream.
I have decided not to integrate any Model/ORM layer into the SocketStream core.

Instead I want to focus on what I believe to be the fundamental difference between the two:
Meteor's decision to make a fullstack framework vs SocketStream's module approach.!msg/socketstream/taivoBd05NA/tGGGzgKNvR0J :: Meteor and the future of SocketStream - Google Groups :: Meteor :: Made with Meteor! :: Documentation - Meteor :: What’s This Meteor Thing? | Nettuts+ :: javascript - How does meteor.js work? - Stack Overflow

Windows: :: Mateutek Learns Meteor: Step 1 ½ Windows Installer

Meteor Chats with examples: :: Meteor - Chat Room Tutorial on Vimeo :: AVGP/meteor.js-chat-example · GitHub :: Between reality and cyberspace, meteor.js chat example :: tomblomfield/meteor-chat

Examples :: Tasks :: gmanricks/Meteor-Schedule-Example · GitHub :: Creating a document sharing site with Meteor.js

Problems: :: When can we expect Data Validation and Security in Meteor? - Stack Overflow :: laverdet/node-fibers


Built by a couple Google search guys. :: Move Over Meteor: Derby Is The Other High Speed Node.js Framework In Town | TechCrunch :: Derby :: codeparty/racer · GitHub :: Chat (470) - User 94 :: codeparty/derby-ui-boot · GitHub

Uses Racer for data sync Announcing Racer, experimental realtime model synchronization for Node.js -

Some authentication: :: javascript - DerbyJS and Authentication - Stack Overflow :: racer/src/accessControl/ at master · codeparty/racer · GitHub

NowJS :: nowjs for Node - Directly call remote functions in Javascript :: NowJS Introduction: Simple Chat Server in 12 Lines of Code on Vimeo :: NowJS and Node.js Tutorial – Creating a multi room chat client :: nowjs for Node - Directly call remote functions in Javascript!topic/socketstream/RTMYDYniG0A :: Similarities to now.js - Google Groups

The most important difference is scalability. Nowjs does not have the plumbing necessary to persist sessions and pub/sub info to a common store so when a client gets disconnected they can reconnect to any process and pick up where they left off. You’d have to write that yourself with Nowjs. It’s a core concept in SocketStream.


Meteor: Mojito a browser and server side JavaScript framework opens sourced earlier this year by Yahoo is the most
comparable framework available. Both Meteor and Mojito rely on Node.js, an platform for running JavaScript on the server

Running on both client and server, on node.js :: Mojito - Yahoo! Cocktails - YDN :: Review: Yahoo Mojito gives server-side JavaScript a lift :: Caridy – Random Bubbles » Blog Archive » What is Mojito? - Javascript, AJAX and Advanced Web Apps

Others: :: Tower.js - Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser bridge between Backbone.js and Node :: codeboost/ · GitHub :: Backbone.IO by scttnlsn

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