Researching Solutions Local Analytics

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Researching Solutions Local Analytics

Woow Woow woow: Developers Love Pirsch Analytics - Pirsch Analytics

Pirsch uses ClickHouse as database, written in Go Pirsch Analytics Amazing things: pirsch-analytics/pirsch-go-proxy: A self-hosted proxy for Pirsch Analytics. Also, import existing GA3 data into Pirsch: Google Analytics Alternative - Pirsch Analytics

Amazing writeup: 10 Alternatives to Google Analytics (Open Source) - Stack Diary

How to Switch From Google Analytics (and Keep Your Data) - Pirsch Analytics

Google Analytics Alternatives

The best open-source analytics and data tools

milesmcc/shynet is modern, privacy-friendly and detailed web analytics that works without cookies or JS and project is written in Python but appears to be actively maintained and well-designed.

Omnibug is a developer browser extension that deals with UTM parameters, cookies, and similar functionalities. It is active only when the devtools are open and works seamlessly with data from platforms such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, among others. Events sent to these platforms are captured and translated into a human-readable format, allowing for easy filtering and exporting.

Privacy First: Why we no longer have a cookie banner - Bleech is explained decision for Plausible.

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