SEO: Google Discover Images

SEO: Google Discover Images

Discover Performance Report:

Nema načina da narediš Google koju sliku da uzme za Discover, pošto će je on sam izabrati na osnovu contenta. Ali svakako mu možeš pomoći u tome i to na sledeći način:

  1. Ovo je obavezno - large images need to be at least 1200 px wide and enabled by the max-image-preview:large setting

Use Open Graph (OG) tags: These tags provide extra information about your content for social sharing, which can also benefit Discover.

While there isn’t a single, dedicated tag like a “Discover image” tag, using structured data (like JSON-LD for Articles) and meta tags (such as Open Graph tags) are the recommended ways to guide Google towards the right image for your article in Discover.

Structured Data: The most effective way to signal to Google which image you prefer for Discover (and other Google services like Search) is through structured data using vocabulary. By specifying an image property within your Article or NewsArticle structured data, you tell Google and other search engines about the primary image associated with your content.

Open Graph Tags: While primarily used for social media platforms, Google also respects Open Graph tags. The og:image tag is a straightforward way to highlight your chosen image.

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