Self-hosted PaaS

Self-hosted PaaS

private PaaS aka private Heroku Clones

CapRover as amazing private PaaS

CapRover is perfect. I can’t find a problem with it, and people are also amazed: this is awesome!

There are alternatives, almost all mentioned in this article: Heroku vs self-hosted PaaS The most famous is Dokku; it doesn’t have GUI but it does accept Heroku buildpacks, and that should be good. Cloudron is not bad also, specifically backup feature, but it definitely is not free.

Woow: Great tool, alternative to ISPConfig: CapRover (ex CaptainDuckDuck) CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes!

similar are tools like: Dokku or Flynn( Dokku is single server and CapRover can form a cluster Try, minimalistic orchestration similar to Heroku or Dokku (but with a GUI). Can scale too with Docker Swarm. I’m using it and it’s a breeze, really happy with it. Previously I was using Rancher, but didn’t like the switch from Cattle to Kubernetes. one click SSL generation via Let’s Encrypt PAAS comparison - Dokku vs Flynn vs Deis vs Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm (2017) by Jan Carlo Viray · 08 Feb 2017

What are some open source Heroku alternatives? - Quora Nanobox Joins the DigitalOcean Family Apache Stratos has been retired.

A direktno na k8s kao Caprover je Kubeapps ili ChartMuseum - Helm Chart Repository ali za Helm je helm/monocular: Search and discovery UI for Helm Chart repositories

PaaS on top of k8s

Something like Jelastic on top of k8s.

  • Rio by Rancher is the MicroPaaS for Kubernetes
  • Nanobox now owned by Digital Ocean is NOT built on top of k8s

Docker is Driving a New Breed of PaaS

Just Herocu clones aka Free Cloud PaaS

Ovo nisu self-hosted, ali su free:

Glitch Deta as personal Cloud i normalno podržava custom domain

Backstage by Spotify on repo backstage/backstage Backstage by Spotify | Supercharged developer portals

There is Backstage Demo

I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free

Spotify’s grand plan to monetize developers via its open source Backstage project

So, only Tsuru survived The Complete List of Heroku Alternatives You Might Want to Consider | Livecycle

Coolify sa repo na coollabsio/coolify: An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify / Vercel alternative. je interesantan jer je pisan u PHP, a podržava docker-compose format.

A takođe i devtron-labs/devtron: Tool integration platform for Kubernetes

Cloud Foundry is one of the first projects and I believe it’s top-notch, but it’s too “corporate” for my taste and accordingly complicated. The cloudfoundry repository is extremely active, yet it somehow puts me off. Of course, it supports Kubernetes and all the latest technologies.

Fortunately, there is the CF-WebUI project, which can help to “soften” the experience, as I have no doubt that CF is actually a monster behind the scenes. The project provides a single page web interface for CloudFoundry, built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. Additionally, more information about the project can be found at their repo icclab/cf-webui. I noticed with sadness that the project has been abandoned for a long time, and that’s why I’m running away from CF.

There is also Cloud Foundry BOSH which is a tool for deploying CF on various cloud providers.

CapRover na Hetzner Cloud

Key koji se nalazi na Hetzner Cloud je “~/.ssh/cvladan_rsa2

ssh -p 22 -i ~/.ssh/cvladan_rsa



Installing CapRover on Hetzner Cloud | Hetzner Community Getting Started · CapRover

Enable firewall

ufw enable ufw allow 22,22111,80,443,3000,996,7946,4789,2377,22333/tcp ufw allow 22,22111,7946,4789,2377/udp ufw status

Update ubuntu

apt update; apt -y upgrade; apt dist-upgrade; apt -y autoremove; apt clean; reboot

Install Docker

Ovo nije najbolji način za instalaciju Dockera, ali neka bude za sada tako

bash <(curl -s

Install CapRover

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 3000:3000 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /captain:/captain caprover/caprover

Peek a little Default password is: captain42

Ovo dalje radim na mom lokalnom računaru.

Setup CapRover

apt -y install npm npm i -g caprover

caprover serversetup

CapRover je problematičan što se tiče Backupa, jer volumne backup ne ide by default. Međutim, možeš da staviš Portainer sa kojim možeš detaljnije da kontrolišeš. Same enable-uješ na CapRover websockets i sve radi samo ( možda i ne mora).

Svi toolovi su na dnu teksta: Backup & Restore · CapRover Imaju script za backup: caprover/ at master · caprover/caprover · GitHub A ima i (2) CapRover Backup with VOLUMERIZE | DOCKER ali kilavo?

Preko SSH mogu da pristupam a i backup mogu da uradim tako preko diska. Sve se nalazi na normalnim mestima. Međutim, pristup wp-cli odnosno composer iz samog containera nije baš jednostavan.

How to Install CapRover on a VPS or Dedicated Server

Za sve vezano za Docker, CapRover je savršen a videćemo kakav je i Coolify.

Mana je što nije baš optimizovan bog-zna-kako.

Porter is Kubernetes powered PaaS that runs in your own cloud mantained at porter-dev/porter.

piku/piku: The tiniest PaaS you’ve ever seen inspired by dokku, allows you do git push deployments to your own servers, very actively mantained.

U ovoj diskusiji ima još mnogo nekih modernih projekata: Heroku-style deployments with Docker and Git tags Self Host Heroku Alternative - DEV Community

Dekku is maybe not bad as there is open-source Ledokku that is beautiful web UI for all things Dokku actively mantained at ledokku/ledokku

antoniomika/pcompose: An open source PaaS using docker-compose

Pošto CapRover koristi Docker API koji pak ne podržava docker-compose, oni su napravili mali transpiler ali it only supports: image, environment, ports, volumes, depends_on, and hostname, other parameters are currently being ignored by CapRover. Coolify pak radi sa docker-compose.

Easypanel - Modern Server Control Panel is not free

Self-hosted PaaS

CapRover neću, jer direktno ne podržava docker compose fajlove. Portainer ili Coolify podržavaju, a tu mi treba nešto za auto-discovering docker container reverse proxy, tzv proxy manager.

App Templates

U suštini, najčešće je to arhiva proverenih docker compose fajlova sa ponekom varijablom i slično.

Portainer ima gomilu koje zove App Templates, ali po repo-u portainer/templates: App Templates used by Portainer ne izgleda da ih ima mnogo, ali na svu sreću, ovaj repo ih ima mnoštvo Lissy93/portainer-templates: 🚢 500+ 1-click Portainer app templates, a pregledaj svaki na Portainer Templates

Coolify takođe poseduje temlates na repo coolify/templates/compose at main · coollabsio/coolify za koji izgleda da ima većinu korisnih aplikacija.

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