Remap Mac keyboard to match Windows


  • sync CopyQ (folder) jer Ditto nije cross-platform
  • Rustdesk (sync favorites ako može)
  • neki dobar Terminal

F12 as delete command is like ctrl in VSCode - how to change to Control - Visual Studio Code Key Bindings Control in all windows, ctrl-w i slično.

Remap Mac keyboard to match Windows

Command je Apple aka Win key. Option (Mac) je Alt (Win) Control (Mac) je Ctrl (Win)

Mac raspored: Ctl-Opt-Cmd | Win-Ctl PC raspored: Ctl-Win-Alt | Alt-Ctl

Treba sa leve strane swap Opt/Cmd so it will be as Ctl-Win-Alt, a sa desne replace key Win->Alt so it will be Alt-Ctl Finalni Mac raspored: Ctl-Cmd-Opt | Cmd-Ctl Put PC stickers.

Sa desne strane, zamenili

Ili neka bude command, pa im zameni mesta

stevenilsen123/mac-keyboard-behavior-in-windows: This AutoHotKey script gets you all the MacOS keyboard shortcuts you love, in Windows!

  • miš 650ml jel radi na oba i zašto se gasi?

One word of caution: make sure you don’t double-dip. I couldn’t figure out why my Command and Control keys weren’t swapped until I realized that I had set up the same swap in both macOS and Karabiner Elements. To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg: I remapped a remap; it was back to normal.

  • Disable in System Proferences - “Cmd+Esc” shortcut for opening “Front Row” odnosno “Launchpad” se sad zove§§
  • “Better…” shit samo koristim da bi Ctrl+Click otvorio novi tab ”

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