OpenAI / Microsoft

Kako se šta zove kod kog providera:

OpenAI / Microsoft

Dall-E 3: Bing Image Creator, maybe US only Dall-E 2.5 in Microsoft Designer

Others based on Dall-E:


Proizvod se zove FireFly iako većina funkcionalnosti postoji i u Photoshop. poslednji model je Stable Diffusion XL

Oficijelne platforme su DreamStudio i ClipDrop A najbolja, ali neoficijelna, je Playground

Inače, pošto je open-source, mnoštvo alata nudi Stable Diffusion prepakovano u svoj interfejs:

SDXL offers several ways to modify the images

  • Inpainting - Edit inside the image

  • Outpainting - Extend the image outside of the original image

  • Image-to-image - Prompt a new image using a sourced image

    Skip Queue Stable Diffusion XL Skip Queue Uncrop (1000 images per day) Unlimited Background Removal HD Unlimited Cleanup Pictures HD Unlimited Relight HD Unlimited Image Upscaler up to x16 Unlimited Text Remover Unlimited Replace Background Košta 13$/m

Clipdrop: Remove the background of images for free with incredible accuracy Replace Background

Kaleido / Canva

Kaleido AI GmbH is Austrian company, aquired by Canva in 2021

Image background removal: Video background removal: Unscreen Automated designs ready in seconds: Designify - Turn any photo into awesome

Available in Canva: Use our tools right from the no.1 design platform to create outstanding designs in no time.


Quick and easy design: Pixlr X Advanced photo editor: Pixlr E

One-click background changer and editor Photomash Studio Background Remover: Remove BG by Pixlr

Lot of Design Templates by Pixlr



Some other tools:

Image Outpainting

adding AI objects outside of an image, either using Pan or Zoom; da povećaš sliku sa jedne ili sa svih strana

During the outpainting processes in Midjourney, it is crucial to understand that Pan increases the resolution without altering the existing image, whereas Zoom simply sets a fixed resolution. If the original image was larger, Zoom will downscale it to that resolution.

Stable Diffusion kroz alat Clipdrop Uncrop podržava zoom.

Photopea za ovu operaciju ima “Magic Replace” pod tool-om “Lasso”


to remove objects from an image and/or replace them with new ones

Stable Diffusion has this feature and is available on Clipdrop Cleanup, where you can try it out.

jpgRM also offers an option to remove any unwanted objects.

Object Removal | Remove unwanted objects online for free

Generating Text

  generating text within ai-generated images

The current state in 2024 is that is doing absolutely the best job, but even it often fails to deliver properly, while Dall-E 3 performs decently but not exceptionally, and Midjourney does it quite poorly but has been slightly improved in V6.

Some good text prompts that can serve as inspiration for text or logo generation are:

  • Create an elegant shiny golden logo text “Milanto” with a 3D render. The text should have the outline of a butterfly on top of it, with a black background. The resolution should be 16k, and it should aim for flawlessness.
  • Create a text that spells “K” in one line, as a single word without spaces. The creative and colorful sign should be made of smokes and herbs, against a black background. It should have an artistic, ultra-realistic smoke effect, incredible details, rich colors, and high quality. The style should resemble that of Dan Mumford and Daniel Merriam, with a 3D rendering.
  • Design a brand new modern logo for “RAKHA”. Above the logo, add a text that gives a cinematic and high-detail feel.
  • Design a logo for “sancesa” that represents nature and minimalism. The brand is focused on vitamins and personal care.
  • Create the word “Angie” in a metallic pink style, with metallic flowers surrounding the word. The background should be light white, and the colors should be bright. The typography should be in 3D render.
  • Create an elegant and modern logo for NLX digital agency. Use colors that evoke creativity and confidence, with a touch of architecture. The logo should be vibrant and suitable for use in photos, posters, and 3D renders.

Image Upscaler

image upscaling, increase image resolution; same image, just bigger

The process is called Gigapixel Upscaling or AI Superresolution and it uses AI to intelligently add pixels to an image, letting you increase the size without adding weird artifacts

Magnific AI je AI image upscaler & enhancer, koji ni iz čega može da izmisli nestvarno kvalitetnu sliku, ali je problem što košta mnogo.

Bigjpg AI Super-Resolution lossless image enlarging Stockphotos AI Image Upscaler AI Image Upscaler | Upscale images online in batch for free je još jedan tool Topaz Gigapixel AI je offline app

Krea AI takođe ima upscaler

Image Upscaler by Magic Studio to Increase size up to 4K |

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Stable Diffusion takođe poseduje upscaler Stable Diffusion Img2Img

Image upscaling – Replicate

FreeScaler na repo TheMurusTeam/FreeScaler: Upscaler app for macOS based on realesrgan and realsr je macOS app za upscale, ali mislim da ne radi baš sjajno

Free Image Upscaler | Upscale Photo Online to 4K

AI Image Upscaler: Upscale Images & Photos Online

Nešto slično je i AI Super Scale / AI Ultra Sharp by Pixlr (feb 2024)

Product Photography

product e-commerce AI, product photography, customize backdrops, virtual product staging, product shots

Svi interesantni toolovi, po kvalitetu i mom subjektivnoj proceni:

Pixlr now (feb 2024) also has Product Shot Creator

New Commercial AI tools for product imagery:

How to use generative AI to create product images in Merchant Center Next

Remove Background

Social Ads Generation

AI Image Enhancer

 ai image restoration

jpgHD je Lossless Restoration of Old Photos with AI

AI Image Enlarger | Enlarge Image Without Losing Quality!

Face and Avatar Tools

̣ avatar generation; face manipulation

Generate People and Faces

Generate realistic faces with AI: Face Studio - The Fastest Way to Create Realistic Faces Online

Generated Photos | Unique, worry-free model photos is a set of free tools to create humans that don’t exist, od ekipe iz icon8

Swap Faces

Face Swapper - AI-Powered Face Swap And Reface Online Swap Faces Online – AI Face Swapper

Other Face and People Tools

AI Face Retouch | Retouch and Fix Blurry Portrait Photos Free!

Anonymizer - Generate look-a-like photos to protect your identity so upload your photo and discover look-a-like generated photos, što i nije loša ideja.

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