About dotfiles:

Get latest release from GitHub / latest version

If you need the latest version of Gist follow the described URL pattern: permalink to the latest version of gist

Properly install Golang

sudo apt install -y golang
go env

but sometimes you will need the latest version, that can be also done easily as, for Ubuntu, is officially described here

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:longsleep/golang-backports
sudo apt update
sudo apt install golang

Tool: jq is like sed for JSON data

Install JQ simply by typing:

sudo apt install -y jq

On Windows it’s easy as: scoop install jq

Nice dotfiles: Nice tmux ideas:

Dotfiles utilities

Chezmoi may be the most popular, but in my opinion, it’s too complicated.

I prefer SuperCuber/dotter because it is much simpler. In global.toml, packages are defined, and in local.toml, the packages to be deployed are configured. Since Dotter is available via scoop install dotter, I used it to start with, and we’ll see how it goes.

Dotfile Management

Awesome dotfiles | Curated list of awesome lists | General-purpose dotfiles utilities -

Lista dosta configuration fajlova: mackup/mackup/applications

chezmoi - chezmoi Yet Another Dotfiles Manager - yadm Overview | dt-cli dotphiles/dotphiles: A community driven framework of dotfiles. svetlyak40wt/dotfiler: Shell agnostic git based dotfiles package manager, written in Python. anishathalye/dotbot: A tool that bootstraps your dotfiles ⚡️ je onaj odličan lik deadc0de6/dotdrop: Save your dotfiles once, deploy them everywhere SuperCuber/dotter: A dotfile manager and templater written in rust 🦀 lra/mackup: Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux) k4j8/filetailor: Copy and modify plain text files between devices without templates fresh - Keep your dot files fresh

Super ideja: KLAIG: Make your dotfiles follow you automatically when you ssh to a server inače dotbot ima primer toga takođe. Tips and Tricks · anishathalye/dotbot Wiki

Symlink Farm Managers

Stow - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation arecarn/dploy: Provides the functionality of GNU Stow in a cross platform CLI tool and python module is croww-platform Stow benburrill/gardener: A symlink farm manager akin to GNU Stow shawnohare/stash: A feature minimal symlink farm manager (e.g., GNU stow) written in POSIX shell script. aminehmida/medots: Cross-platform dot config files manager using a yaml file. bbkane/fling: fling computes and creates/removes the minimal amount of symlinks needed in a directory to refer to files and directories in another directory, similar to GNU Stow. I use fling to manage my dotfiles

Sync dotfiles and other Sensitive Data

dotphiles/dotsync: Sync dotfiles between multiple machines from a git repo or push using rsync alichtman/shallow-backup: Git-integrated backup tool for macOS and Linux devs.


Dotfile Examples

macOS Dotfile Examples

̊mathiasbynens/dotfiles: .files, including ~/.macos — sensible hacker defaults for macOS ctaylo21/jarvis: Dotfiles for a powerful, web development-focused environment powered by Neovim, iTerm2, tmux, and zsh webpro/dotfiles: Dotfiles for macOS ChristianLempa/dotfiles: This contain my personal config files. Here you’ll find configs, customizations, themes, and whatever I need to personalize my Linux and mac OS experience. ̊driesvints/dotfiles: Get started with your own dotfiles. ̊alrra/dotfiles: 💻 macOS / Ubuntu dotfiles ̊atomantic/dotfiles: 🖥️ Automated Configuration, Preferences and Software Installation for macOS

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