RPC - Side Notes

RPC - Side Notes

Important questions raised:

  • Service discovery from the browser (Apache Zookeper from the browser)

From Apache Thrift to REST service (public access)

Exposing internal APIs with REST interface.

Thrift as a Public API replacement for REST? - Stack Overflow

But, I think a better solution would be to create a node.js REST to Thrift interface.Simple and fast.

Looks like Restify is accepted standard. Exact focus on REST API, and only that. API Guide | restify

But, there are alternatives: PerfectAPI Blog - Notes from the Perfect API Team PerfectAPI Blog

Which Node.js framework is best for building a RESTful API? Node.js REST framework? - Stack Overflow

visionmedia/express-resource URL Routing in Flatiron, A framework for Node.js How routing is done @ nodester

pixelhandler: Develop a RESTful API Using Node.js With Express and Mongoose


Designing a Secure REST (Web) API without OAuth

Authentication Frameworks for Node.js:

Some ideas from node proxy, or from this example:

[Hosting multiple node.js apps on port 80](http://nerdpress.org/2012/04/20/hosting-multiple-express-node-js-apps-on-port-80/)
[Default route using node-http-proxy?](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10930564/default-route-using-node-http-proxy)

A side note (pluses):

  • RPC should support adequately various “new” programming languages and technologies. Thinking about: Python, Go, etc.

Beautiful idea

Very interesting. The simplest way to build an api. Deployd

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